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Relics: The 2nd Birth Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Main Menu.
You start off by demonstrating the Spirit Ride ability.
To possess a character, you must come close to it and click on the brain on the bottom of the screen.
The story is presented in cutscenes.
Looks like there was a massacre on this planet.
The Status Screen.
Your items. Note that you can only assign 8 items to quickslots.
The Special Abilities menu.
Talking to an NPC. Looks like he won't let me pass for now.
You can tell by his face that this guy's an ass.
You just got your body possessed by this creep.
And he decides to dispose of you by kicking you further down the ruins.
Now what am I going to do?
You fight your enemies by left-clicking them or holding Ctrl and clicking on an area you'd like to attack.
We've got you now, Snatcher!
Unlike you, your party members revive after a short period of time.
He's getting away.
I can't believe I let him escape!
At least I got my body back. That's good, right?
Let me out of here! I haven't done anything bad!
You believe me, don't you?
Me and two cute girls are off on an adventure.
The map of the area.
Buying things at the shop.
There's no game over screen when you die, only the system menu.
There are 4 maps for you to play with your friends online.
And you can play as any character that you've possessed or encountered during your single player campaign.