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Remake de La Abadía del Crimen Credits

19 people


Original programPaco Menéndez (programming), Juan Delcán (graphics), (c) 1987 Opera Soft
32bits AdaptationAntonio Giner González,, 30/12/2008
Music (midi)Ruben Perez (Minuet in G minor - BWV Anh. 115), Nami Kani (Sonata in C major - BWV 1033), Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Giner González (Crystal Palace), based on the CD 'Joe Can't Reel' by Gwendal, 1975
TranslationsFilipe Silva (Portuguese-Portugal), Antonio Pimentel (Portuguese-Brazil), Efren Garcia (Catalan), Riikka Halonen (Finnish), Chiara Bagnoli (Italian), Antonio Giner González (English)
CollaborationsJosé Manuel Pazos Cadaya (MSX remake creator), Eduardo Ruiz (php code for the web), David Sánchez (Web hosting)

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