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Republic: The Revolution Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu.
The opening is played out in several artistic drawings.
You name your character, and name the faction you wish to lead.
Ten different questions determines what who you'll be.
My character seems to be one who prefers information and knowledge over anything else.
Your first view when starting a game; the city hall.
Headhunting should be your first action, so you can recruit more people to your cause.
The game is played out through day, afternoon and night.
My first headhunting attempt. Hopefully he'll see my views.
In order to recruit someone, you must persuade them using your conversational skills.
Objectives, memos and news articles are kept in a handy diary.
The overhead 2D map is great for getting around quickly and scouting new areas.
Don't want to read the manual? The game has a slideshow tutorial.
This is a more wealthy neighborhood. You'll need different tactics to win over these people.
The game loads everything at the beginning, so no in-game loading is needed.
Every citizen, from the old guy to the mother, has a name, residence, job, and political alignment/idealogy.
My headhunting attempt worked, and I now have a member to do additional tasks.
Most objectives give you hints on how to play, in addition to telling you the objective.
Investigating a district increases your knowledge, giving you a better chance of gaining support in that district.
Depending on the area you choose to deal at, your negotiations could go better or worse.
After enough success, you can upgrade your characters, increasing stats and abilities.
Poster Campaign's allow you to paste posters in a district, gaining support by passerby's.
Canvassing door-to-door can gain support, or lower support, depending on your worker's ability.
My political influence is rising, and the President doesn't like that, so he sent his Alpha Squad to harass a member of mine.
The President has decided to remain in power forever, and gave a declaration. I think I'll be challenging that statement.
The "Debt Collection" action increases your wealth, and can either make people see your views, or make them more angry toward you.
Organizing a rally is a good way to increase support in some districts.
As you can see, my party, the Canadian Bastards, have most of the city under my control.
Now that I'm in the public eye, I'm going to be attacked (news articles, leaflets, etc.) by the rival party's.
The grand opening of my casino! It's a good chance for free publicity and to spread my influence.