Requiem Hurts: Kankin Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Nice loading screen
View your heroes in the Extras menu.
Each chapter begins with an expressive picture.
Kikuno proves her legs are more than just something beautiful to look at.
Choose Chisame as your protagonist for the level.
In a warehouse
Game Over screen
Shooting baddies from above.
Shoot barrels, causing them to explode.
The blue target warns you of an upcoming enemy.
A FMV with the view of the city
A mysterious beauty
Look ma, I'm in a commercial!
The two heroines are caught by bad guys.
Battle in a harbor
A long, desolate corridor in front of you
Pseudo-scientific devices
You've found better bullets for your gun.
You've left lots of dead bodies behind...
Shoot the power-up before you are taken away from the spot!
Dogs attack very quickly, shoot them before it's too late. The Life Up can come in handy, too.
Interested in the full edition of Schopenhauer's works, ma'am?
Even futuristic Hokkaido has some nice places.
Gimme a mug o' beer!
I'll just shoot him, he mixes bad cocktails anyway.
Your character jumps and climbs automatically.
A view over the City of Lust
A secluded house in northern mountains.
Is this what you wear for work, Kikuno?
There is an small encounter.
She's wearing a cool lingerie. This screenshot is great.
Look at this beautiful girl. She's sweet. The developers made a great work.
She's going to be taken in advantage. The game has censorship, but don't worry, it's worth playing.
She spends a good time.
This game is very playful.
The girl in red is in prison.
Now she's free and she makes the most of her time.
This is a screen from the expansion of the game.
The gorgeous lady is caught. The bad guys are very very bad.