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Intro 1
Intro 2
Mercenaries Menu
Mercenaries Player Select
Carlos shooting
I had no idea Jill was into costume play... here she is dressed as Regina from Dino Crisis
Jill chats with fellow STARS member Brad 'chickenheart' Vickers, who's ranting 'He's after STARS members! There's no escape!' Who is 'he'? You'll find out soon enough
Jill encounters Nemesis, the bio-weapon so bad they named the game after him
Jill decapitates a zombie with her shotgun. Her old STARS uniform is much more sensible for zombie bashing than the cute tank-top she started out with
Nemesis fights with a rocket launcher, the ultimate weapon in the previous two games... note how this is the sample room you found Marvin in the previous game
Jill meets up with Umbrella soldiers Carlos and Nicholai, the game's primary human characters... A repeat of the Shadow Moses incident, with Carlos replacing Barry and Nicholai taking the place of Wesker... Waka Waka
Carlos helps Jill battle Nemesis
Fire! Fire! Hey hey hey! Run, run, or you'll be well done!
Even if Nemesis won't respect your authority, he has to respect your grenade launcher
Jill flees from the massive mutant maggot known as the Gravedigger
Jill defends the wounded Lt. Mikhail from Nemesis aboard the cable car
The giant spiders from the previous two games return... get back you eight legged freaks!
Nemesis infects Jill with the T-Virus... What IS it with the Japanese and tentacles?
Jill and Carlos confront Nemesis at the destroyed Clock Tower. Nemesis thinks he's Simon Belmont, but Jill's new dodge move allows her to avoid his attacks
Playing as Carlos in search of a cure for Jill. He might think his accent drives the ladies wild, but really they just want him for his brains...
Carlos battles Jill's old foes, the Hunters, inside the Hospital
Carlos is attacked by Nemesis, who seems pretty ticked off at you for ruining his good suit
Nemesis is gonna make you his Yo-Yo
Jill battles the Gravedigger inside the park cemetary
Inside the Dead Factory, you'll meet up with your old buddies the naked melting zombies
Battle in the trash compactor... Nemesis doesn't give up!
More persistant that Richard Simmons, Nemesis fights on despite having no head and only one arm
Jill gets in a firefight with Nicholai's attack chopper
You want STARS? I'll give you STARS!
Mercenaries Mini-game: The only thing worse than an unstoppable STARS killer is TWO unstoppable STARS killers
Even the mighty Bus Nemesis is no match for Mikhail's rocket launcher
The mighty Nicholai takes on the Hunters with nothing more than a handgun and a knife
Nicholai accepts his reward from Umbrella, and DANG you KNOW he's earned it
You don't think this gattling gun makes me look too butch, do you?
Door loading sequence
Clock tower on photo
Green herb
Knife in action