Resident Evil 4 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Aiming at an almost-dead body.
The merchant
Half of the boss
Shotgun reloading.
Castle view
Giant hit by the bullet from Broken Butterfly
The Mummy
Aiming with the semi-auto rifle.
Ashley kidnapped by one of the Zealots.
Too close to the enemy.
Ashley inventory and alternative outfit
Bottle Caps - prize in the minigame.
Leon jumping on the giant.
Chapter end screen
Hunnigan on intercom
Ada Wong
The minigame (shooting the targets.)
Leon's "Special 2" costume. Looks like a 60s hitman doesn't he?
Yes, this is Ashley if you choose "Special 2" as the costume. (You have to beat the game first) And yes, the suit makes a "clank clank" noise when she moves. BUT...
... you cannot harm her! And that will come in handy in later parts of the game.
Gore scenes
Infested farmers
Ups, Leon is dead
Enemy's camp
Old, good shotgun
Cut-scenes have a terrible resolution
Don't lie! Die!
Now, I have a troubles.
Game Start.