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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.2
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Nukezilla (Jun 25, 2012)
Resonance shows why it was such a downer when point-and-click adventure games did their disappearing act in the late ‘90s, and why their recent resurgence is such a good thing.
Ultimately, Resonance is a well-written, smart sci-fi thriller with empathetic characters and beautiful retro styled graphics. In this era of resurgence of quality classic adventure games, I believe that Resonance will stand out over time as among the new classics for the genre.
As far as I’m concerned, Resonance is the reason indie games exist. You don’t need a $10 million budget, a staff of a hundred and a selling price of $69.99 to have a good game. Sometimes a great experience can be had for $9.99. This is one of those times.
Just Adventure (Jun 19, 2012)
Resonance is as close to perfect as they come. The puzzles will make you think, the long- and short-term memory is innovative, and the story will keep you on the edge of your seat. I’m unclear whether to call this the best non-Blackwell game to come from Wadjet Eye Games or simply the best game to come from Wadjet Eye Games. Give Resonance a try, because it doesn’t disappoint.
Level (Aug 21, 2012)
Resonance este, de departe, cel mai bun quest clasic pe care am avut plăcerea să-l fi jucat în ultimul deceniu.
GamesCollection (Jun 27, 2012)
Resonance è l’avventure grafica che tantissimi appassionati aspettavano da tempo. La trama è tutt’altro che banale e, anche se non originale, è davvero narrata in modo superbo, costringendo il giocatore ad alternarsi a quattro personaggi molto ben caratterizzati e ben scritti. La struttura non lineare costituisce un valore aggiunto, Twelve riesce a riciclare vecchie idee e fonderle in un gioco dalle dinamiche fresche e genuine. Resonance è molto più complesso e profondo di quanto sembri e portarlo a termine ottenendo il top score è una vera e propria soddisfazione per ogni avventuriero di vecchia data che si rispetti!
Splitkick (Jul 06, 2012)
As the layers of Resonance unravel, the four disparate back stories weave and intertwine to tell a singular tale of deception, power, and the intrinsic value of truth. Seemingly minor details from early in the game are given new meaning as the conclusion draws near, which makes you feel a subtext was there the whole time if you were attentive enough to have seen it. The climax is nothing short of astonishing; Vince Twelve proves to be a genius at telling a story in this medium. Resonance is the pinnacle of modern point-and-click adventures, and a resounding success in every way.
90 (Jun 26, 2012)
A poca distanza dall'uscita di Gemini Rue, e mentre Tim Schafer, Jane Jensen e i Two Guys from Andromeda sono al lavoro su nuove avventure, Resonance è l'ennesima stoccata all'idea che il genere dei punta e clicca non abbia più nulla da dire. Parlare di una rinascita forse è prematuro, ma Wesselmann ha dimostrato come sia ancora possibile confezionare un'opera notevole facendo leva su un'ottima alchimia tra la qualità della narrazione e degli enigmi, e di come si possa offrire un'esperienza moderna e coinvolgente pur mantenendo uno stile visivo nostalgico.
90 (Jun 28, 2012)
Resonance è un nuovo centro per Wadjet Eye Games: parte da quanto di buono ha offerto Gemini Rue espandendo il cast a quattro personaggi, dando grande libertà risolutiva al giocatore. La trama sorregge in maniera esemplare tutto il gioco, partendo con un ritmo lento ma accelerando rapidamente e mantenendosi su livelli altissimi fino a uno dei due finali, decisamente riusciti e che soddisfano completamente il giocatore, dopo una decina abbondante di ore di gioco. In attesa che si sappia di più sulla prossima avventura di Double Fine, quindi, Resonance è una scelta quasi obbligata, adattissima alle nottate estive da passare davanti al PC con un ventilatore ben puntato, magari provando la demo presente sul sito ufficiale, nel caso non si sia convinti fino in fondo dallo stile grafico old school.
Destructoid (Jun 22, 2012)
You really can't go wrong by spending some time with Resonance. While at first glance it may hark back to games like Beneath a Steel Sky, it's a fresh, modern mystery. It's set the bar rather high for other adventure game developers, and not just indies, though they really drive the genre right now. It might have been over all too quickly, but it was undoubtedly worth the five year wait.
Overall, Resonance is a highly entertaining game. It has a first-rate story, great aesthetics, and the intangible qualities that make a game hard to put down. In fact, it is one of the best games I have played this year and I can wholeheartedly, unabashedly, unswervingly recommend it to anyone who plays games. It is a special game, plain and simple.
Impulse Gamer (Aug, 2012)
Overall, Resonance was an extremely satisfying adventure and deserves its place among the genre's finest. Not enough games like this are released these days, and even if you don't play them very often, I would highly recommend taking the time to enjoy this one. You won't regret it.
GameSpy (Jun 23, 2012)
With multiple paths and endings and a dense story it's totally worth more than a single playthrough, even after you've managed to get through all the head scratching. Like the rest of Wadjet's catalog, Resonance is an absolute must play for any classic adventure nut, and worth checking out for any more modern fan.
90 (Jul 10, 2012)
A classic genre has been given new life by developers who not only understand the conventions, but how to make them even better for an audience who might not be familiar with the inspirations. Resonance is fantastic from start to finish.
Adventure Island (Jun 26, 2012)
Eindconclusie: Resonance heeft een intrigerend verhaal en is een spannende sci-fi thriller met innovatieve gameplay en mooie retro-stijl graphics. Door je herinneringen als een soort alternatieve inventaris te gebruiken en de sympathieke personages blijft het spel boeien tot het einde.
Adventure Gamers (Jun 20, 2012)
While many games with lengthy development periods end up disappointing, Resonance will grab you from the start, challenge you all the way through, and leave you fully satistified by the time the credits roll. It may not have the most memorable characters or the most evocative world, but it features strong storytelling for people who value a good sci-fi yarn, and clever, devious puzzles for those who want to test their mettle in a polished and relatively lengthy package. It's even very affordable at a bargain budget price. What more can you ask for in a game?
Calm Down Tom (Jun 19, 2012)
Despite the UI confusion and the getting stuck, I absolutely loved Resonance. It’s been a long time since I’ve sunk my teeth into a good adventure game like this and I can’t wait to get further into the story (to the point I’m considering using a walkthrough if I’m still stuck). If you like the Monkey Island or Simon the Sorcerer series you’ll love Resonance, and if you’ve not played any of them you should hold your head in shame! SHAME!
88 (Jul 06, 2012)
Resonance is a strong adventure that does reflect the long period of time put into shaping. Plus at $9.99 for a DRM free download from or the official Wadjet Eye games site, the price of admission should be another consideration for playing it. And you should; it’s a high caliber experience that has been worth the wait and is a reminder that the adventure genre is not dead: it’s just been wrongfully neglected.
Game Vortex (Jul 13, 2012)
If the game didn’t have a great story and told that story in an interesting way, I would say Resonance was worth trying out the demo just to get a feel for the dialogue system. As it is though, it is worth the purchase.
Meristation (Jun 25, 2012)
Hemos de tener en cuenta que Resonance es un producto indie con una calidad espectacular y a un precio tremendamente competitivo por el montón de horas que nos va a dar. Dicho directamente, Resonance es de las mejores aventuras que hemos jugado en muchísimo tiempo. Cumple con los requisitos que hicieron grandes a las aventuras de antaño pero con un enfoque mucho más actualizado de los personajes y de la misma trama. Está en inglés y eso puede echar para atrás a mucha gente, pero por poco que os defendáis con el idioma y os gusten las aventuras, se merece una oportunidad. No os defraudará en absoluto.
Resonance is an ambitious indie adventure game that for the most part succeeds in reaching its lofty goals. The production values, including the graphics, music and voice acting, are incredible – Wadjet Eye Games are currently riding high on a wave of hugely successful titles. They’re fast becoming synonymous with quality old-school adventuring and quite frankly there isn’t a dud in their entire back catalogue. Vince Twelve and XII Games should be immensely proud of Resonance. It’s the best science fiction adventure game since Gemini Rue and will stick with you long after the final credits – featuring a beautifully haunting track with music by Nikolas Sideris and vocals by Louisa Sofianopoulou – roll.
Con un equipo y presupuesto mínimos, XII Games ha conseguido realizar una aventura gráfica digna de recuerdo y que los amantes del género recibirán con los brazos abiertos. Una parte de la culpa la tiene ese estilo retro que nos transporta a tiempos pasados donde los shooters no acaparaban todo el mercado. Se nota el trabajo que lleva detrás Resonance y, aunque no encontramos nada realmente novedoso (salvo el sistema de recuerdos), el conjunto es muy satisfactorio.
Game Over Online (Jun 25, 2012)
The two things I care most about in an adventure game are its puzzles and story, and Resonance does a good job with both. The puzzles are solvable without being too easy or too difficult, and the story might actually make you think -- and perhaps join in a forum discussion somewhere. The downside to the game is that it uses a 640x480 native resolution, and so it doesn't look great, especially if you stretch it out to full screen. But since Resonance scores highly in the things I care about and lowly in something I don't, it's an easy game to recommend. So if you like adventures and have $10 to spare, do yourself a favor and purchase Resonance -- and keep an eye on Wadjet Eye Games in the future, since their recent history makes them the best adventure game publisher around.
NZGamer (Aug 24, 2012)
While at times frustrating (like all good adventure games), Resonance is an interesting combination of gritty, creepy, and above all else, humorous. Working with memories, and different characters’ perceptions of events makes for a satisfying approach to the story. While some may find the game’s retro styling a bit much (the game is only able to be played in 640x480 resolution), I enjoyed the classic adventure feel crossed with some cool innovation in gameplay.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 22, 2012)
Vincent XII ziet zijn geesteskind werkelijkheid worden en we kunnen een opvolger alleen maar aanmoedigen! Resonance speelt lekker weg en houdt je een tiental uren aan het puzzelwerk.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul, 2012)
Wie schon mit Gemini Rue beweist der amerikanische Indie-Entwickler nun auch mit Resonance, dass man keine brillante (3D)-Grafik braucht, um ein tolles Adventure abzuliefern. Resonance lebt vom Zusammenspiel seiner vier Charaktere, der erwachsenen Story und einigen Szenen, die vor Spannung tatsächlich Herzklopfen verursachen. Wegen der fehlenden Spielhilfen ist Resonance nicht unbedingt ein Titel für Anfänger; Adventurespieler der alten Schule werden aber begeistert sein. Gäbe es ein Abo für Wadjet-Eye-Games-Spiele, als Retro-Fan würde ich es jetzt abschließen.
Adventure-Treff (Jun 24, 2012)
Wadjet Eye Games hat mit Resonance einmal mehr bewiesen, dass sie einfach ein Händchen für interessante, ja faszinierende, Geschichten haben. Wer Resonance spielt, wird mit einem spannenden Titel und bestem Retro-Feeling belohnt.
80 (Jul 16, 2012)
All in all Resonance is a cracking little game and even if you don't have your rose-tinted glasses on for the retro trappings I think you'll be pleasantly pleased with the meat on these bones. I'd have liked a few more options in the graphics department, but that's just being nitpicky, I suppose. Resonance is the best adventure game since Beneath A Steel Sky in my opinion, and the developers, Wadjet Eye and xii games certainly deserve your support in order to keep producing these special rare gems for us.
80 (Jun 19, 2012)
Resonance nous perd un peu parfois avec son système super fouilli. Il faut bien prendre son temps, garder la tête froide et prêter attention à tous les indices pour résoudre les énigmes. On est alors récompensé par un très bon scénario dramatique et des personnages attachants. Un chouette point&click d'anticipation, à la fois drôle, mature et poignant.
80 (Jun 19, 2012)
Resonance imponerer med en spennende og minneverdig handling preget av interessante personligheter du lærer deg å bli glad i, samt intrikate nøtter du må bruke betydelig tankekraft for å løse. Det er et eventyrspill som henter mye inspirasjon fra nittitallets klassikere, med mange og ofte vanskelige gåter, men samtidig fortelles historien på en moderne måte, med mange spennende virkemidler. Spillet gjør noen småfeil underveis, og jeg liker ikke alle aspektene av brukergrensesnittet. Slik sett minner det litt om fjorårsutgivelsen Gemini Rue, og på samme måte som med Gemini Rue tror jeg de små ergrelsene vil bli glemt ganske raskt, mens den spennende handlingen og de gode figurene vil fortsette å være friskt i minnet i flere år. Selv om det er handlingen som er spillets sterkeste kort skal vi forresten ikke kimse av gåtene, som byr på skikkelige utfordringer uten å ta helt av.
XGN (Jul 08, 2012)
Resonance heeft het voor elkaar gekregen om ons weer te interesseren voor een vervallen genre. De point-and-click game werkt uitstekend en heeft genoeg uitdagende, inventieve puzzels om je een weekend bezig te houden. Helaas heb je het na een keer wel gezien en zul je wellicht alleen voor het extra einde de game nog een keer opstarten. Dat is wel jammer want de intriges tussen de vier hoofdpersonages vormen een boeiend verhaal. Slechts eenmalig kun je echt van de game genieten, maar dat is dan wel een heel toffe ervaring die ons doet verlangen naar meer.
Vandal Online (Jul 16, 2012)
Sin duda, Resonance nos ha parecido un título muy particular. Un viaje temporal a una época que demostró que se podían contar grandes historias y hacer muy buenos juegos a pesar de la falta de recursos tecnológicos existentes. Y eso es exactamente lo que ofrece, gráficos retro muy cuidados, un guión de los que saben cómo atraparnos de principio a fin, y unos puzles genialmente diseñados que ayudan a que el juego se sienta también como algo actual a pesar de todo. Sin embargo, no es que sea demasiado largo, el sistema de recuerdos no termina de cuajar y lo que para muchos será lo peor de todo: está en inglés. Si estos problemas no os suponen demasiadas molestias y os gustan las aventuras gráficas, su bajo precio y la alta calidad global de casi todos sus apartados hacen de Resonance una compra muy recomendable.
MMGN (Jul 06, 2012)
Resonance may be over before you know it, but it's one hell of a ride. Featuring a unique memory system that really sets the bar high for adventure games from this moment on, a cast of characters who feel truly human and an interesting, albeit lightweight story, if you're a fan of classic adventures, you should really check this one out.
Game Informer Magazine (Jul 06, 2012)
Resonance feels like a lost classic from the golden age of adventure gaming. It has some of the same shortcomings, but it also captures the thrill of exploration, the satisfaction of figuring out interesting puzzles, and the payoff of a well-told story. These elements demonstrate a reverence for the genre that can’t be manufactured, and anyone who shares the same passion shouldn’t miss Resonance.
With its throwback graphics, strong voice acting, and innovative combination of puzzle styles, Resonance is a game that not only looks as though it belongs in the golden age of adventure gaming, but it plays like it too. The story is strong, the presentation is fantastic, and the gameplay is enough to keep you glued to your computer screen—though this isn’t to say that there aren’t areas that couldn’t have used some improvement. There’s a mite too much repetition in the puzzle-solving area, which would otherwise knock any other game off its perch; Resonance, though, is strong enough, interesting enough, and entertaining enough to withstand these errors to make a truly engaging adventure.
Darkstation (Jul 30, 2012)
As an unapologetic fan of adventure games–without the Space Quest and King’s Quest series, I probably wouldn’t be writing this–Resonance strikes a chord in the deepest pleasure centers of my brain, with an aesthetic and gameplay design that harkens back to a bygone era of PC gaming. Creator Vince Wesselman’s passion for the adventure genre shines through every one of Resonance‘s pronounced pixels. There are a few hitches here and there, but they won’t stop Resonance from being one of the best adventure games you will play this year.
80 (Aug 28, 2012)
Avec Resonance, les amateurs de point and click ayant découvert le genre dans les années 90 seront aux anges. Ce jeu d'aventure dispose en effet de nombreux points communs avec les productions d'antan et son créateur se permet même d'y ajouter un système de mémoires original, complexifiant un peu le gameplay. Vendu une petite dizaine d'euros, Resonance vous procurera une bonne dizaine d'heures de jeu, dans une aventure soignée et menée de main de maître jusqu'à la fin !
RPGFan (Jul 13, 2012)
If you can look past the so-so music, retro visuals and somewhat sluggish interface, Resonance is a good graphic adventure. Its story is well paced and kept me interested from beginning to end. The logic puzzles are challenging without being obtuse. The voice acting is above average. For those who grew up with old-school Sierra graphic adventures, Resonance will remind you of why you enjoyed this genre in the first place.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug 01, 2012)
Ich habe Resonance wirklich ins Herz geschlossen. Schon alleine wegen des brillanten, weil atemberaubend mutigen Plot-Twists, der in einer Liga mit Final Fantasy 7, Knights of the Old Republic und Bioshock spielt. Deshalb drücke ich auch gerne beiden Augen zu, wenn sich das Spiel stellenweise überhebt -- wie beim unnötig komplizierten Kurzzeitgedächtnis, das nur selten einen greifbaren spielerischen Zweck erfüllt. Oder bei der breit angelegten Handlung, die in der Retrospektive mehr Fragen aufwirft als sie beantwortet. Ein Spiel, das den Mumm hat, etwas neu und anders und komplexer zu machen, und dabei gelegentlich mal aufs Gesicht fällt, ist mir nämlich allemal lieber als weichgespülte Fließbandware.
76 (Jun 22, 2012)
Es steckt viel Feingefühl in Resonance: Von der durchdachten Geschichte über die ungleichen Protagonisten bis hin zum hervorragenden Kurzzeitgedächtnis, das aus gewöhnlichen Point&Click-Unterhaltungen spannende Denkaufgaben macht. Wie in einem guten Buch ergibt sich die Lösung fast aller Rätsel zudem aus der Handlung heraus. Schade, dass sich der erzählerische Charakteraufbau auf einige Dialogszenen beschränkt und kaum in die Tiefe geht. Äußerlich und auch spielerisch steckt Resonance in einer ziemlich spröden Schale; da helfen selbst die pixelfreudigen Bilder nicht. Die meisten Kopfnüsse knackt man zudem so schnell wie geröstete Pistazien. Dennoch: Unterm Strich ist Resonance ein bezaubernder Retrotrip mit cleveren Ideen!
Gry OnLine (Jun 29, 2012)
W przypadku gry Resonance nie ma sensu owijać w bawełnę: firma Wadjet Eye Games proponuje kolejną świetną przygodówkę dla fanów klasycznej wersji tego gatunku. To nieco archaiczna od strony technicznej, ale naprawdę dobra opowieś.
GameOver (Greece) (Jun 26, 2012)
To τελικό αποτέλεσμα του Resonance δεν είναι διόλου ευκαταφρόνητο. Άρτια ρετρό τεχνικά, υπέροχα puzzles και νέες ιδέες στο gameplay, δείχνουν πως μια τόσο μικρή ομάδα είναι δυνατόν να καταφέρει πράγματα που οι μεγάλοι του χώρου δεν έχουν καν αγγίξει. Είναι κρίμα που το μεγαλείο του παιχνιδιού έρχεται σε απότομη στάση εξ αιτίας ορισμένων άστοχων σεναριακών επιλογών, αλλά και της μικρής κλίμακας της διαμάχης, καθώς μια πιο επική αναμέτρηση θα μπορούσε να εκτοξεύσει το παιχνίδι σε δυσθεώρητα ύψη. Ως έχει, πρόκειται για μια πολύ ωραία επιλογή, με εξαιρετικές ιδέες, αλλά κάπως χλιαρό χλιαρό σεναριακό στήσιμο.
Absolute Games ( (Jul 25, 2012)
Красивая, эффектная Resonance многое делает правильно и честно стремится к разнообразию, но просчётов — навалом. Самый очевидный — переизбыток действующих лиц. На Heavy Rain, что ли, равнялись?
70 (Jun 20, 2012)
Resonance is daarom hooguit een defibrillator die het adventurehart weer even doet kloppen van verwachting. Op zijn goede momenten is het een creatieve speling op het wijs-klik-herhaal-recept, maar die goede momenten zijn niet voldoende om de leegte te vullen. Gauw na de schok keert het genre daarom terug in de vegetatieve staat waarin het dit hele millennium al verkeert.
Game Watcher (Jun 19, 2012)
It’s a real shame as Resonance is undoubtedly a compelling adventure for the majority of the playtime, but it also feels only half of one, and with the rush to the finale even a sequel couldn’t fill in the blanks. Most importantly: what the hell was with the mysterious breast-feeding Japanese lady?
IGN (Jul 23, 2012)
While Resonance's retro, low-res pixel art aesthetic and occasionally dense puzzle work hearkens back to the older days of the point-and-click adventure, a smattering of modern mechanics weave enough new ideas throughout the gameplay to balance out its rough patches. There's still plenty of life in the genre, as this creative romp amply demonstrates, even if fully appreciating it takes more patience than some will be able to muster.
60 (Jun 22, 2012)
Make no mistake, Resonance is an impressive achievement for its tiny indie developer: a vast and intriguing adventure game made mostly by one person, filled with mystery, and confronting issues a lot bigger than most games dare to touch. Keep that in mind and you might be able to forgive its missteps. I almost could. But not quite.
DarkZero (Jul 10, 2012)
Purely from a gameplay standpoint this is one of the most consistently well designed adventure games I’ve played, and tackling its scenarios was a delight, but while nearly any other video game genre gets away with its particular narrative vices, story and characters are such crucial aspects of this one. Poor characterisation and a too familiar storyline is ultimately enough to render Resonance a mechanically impressive adventure game that sorely lacks personality.
Game Critics (Aug 12, 2012)
On the whole, Resonance is serviceable entry in a genre where very few games are being made. The plot's not stellar, but it's still pretty good. The animation was fluid, and some of the scenes are quite gorgeous. The music also does a good job of setting the mood for the various locales and situations. Despite how harsh I might be, it's solid enough for being a ten dollar indie title and I do recommend checking it out for adventure fans.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 11, 2012)
Garbed in retro aesthetics, an upbeat soundtrack, engaging puzzles, and a story that whispered promises of a long and grandiose experience, Resonance was definitely armed to the teeth. As a puzzle packed title, it does well enough to keep players immersed and plugged in. But as a story driven spectacle, expected from any point-and-click title, having things dim down prematurely is a sure disappointment and is best kept as a one time foray.
GameSpot (Jul 12, 2012)
The mild positives of Resonance are simply outweighed by the major negative of its poor writing. It's both surprising and disappointing that this is the case, given the strength of Gemini Rue, but hopefully the designers and writers at Wadjet Eye will snap back to form on their next game.