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Windows version

Oh my god, they killed Kenny!
A few resistance fighters offer you a little advice, but other than that you're pretty much on your own.
Jack and the OSA Director (Tony Jay!) chat about your progress from the comfort of their air conditioned office while you're off in Germany knee deep in the undead
Not a gal you'd want to take home to momma... unless of course momma's an ultra-conservative nationalist militant feminist
Nazis vs. Zombies. I'm not sure who to root for. Oh well, I'll just do things the Gordon Freeman way and mow down whoever wins
More Nazis vs. Zombies, including a nasty Fire Zombie mini-boss
Battling Helga Von Bulow's black leather clad Elite Guard in the abandoned church. These ladies are actually overdressed considering the genre of game they're in.
The game's creepy first boss, a giant ghost-summoning zombie with dozens of screaming faces sticking out of his flesh
Outdoor levels are a nice relief from the usual corridor monotamy, but don't let the trees distract you from the bad men with the machine guns
The sniper rifle is essential for large outdoor areas, such as this vast German airfield
German reinforcements arrive via transports
Fighting the Nazi paratroopers at the end of the second mission
Norway is pretty cold, so do these German solders a favor and warm em up with some hot lead
The villainous Dr. Deathshead (the guy in black) within his secret X-Labs base
An angry loper introduces a pair of Nazis to his electrifying personality
Nazi scientists flee from their out of control creations
A venom trooper (complete with flamethrower) and Proto-Soldat team up to make your life difficult
Boss #2: Der Uber Soldat ist der Soldat das ist Uber
They say smoking is bad for your health, but I'd wager flaming hot napalm would be worse.
The Major attempts to defend his wife's honor, but unfortunately for him you're about to make her a widow
Fighting Nazi troops and officers inside the Chateau
More fighting inside the Chateau... the Black Guards and Elite Guards are the toughest enemies you'll face
This screenshot shows off the two things Wolfenstein has got that Medal of Honor lacks... blood, and skin-tight vinyl wearing Nazi dominatrixes
Close up of an enemy's head. Polygons are barely visible.
Here's a fashion tip, ladies... black leather and flaming hot napalm don't mix
The only thing worse than an Uber Soldat is TWO Uber Soldats
German Barmaid and unarmed civilian... a nice lady...
Marianna Blavatsky... scantily clad Nazi occult leader... not a nice lady
Heinrich I may have been the big bad Prince of Darkness 1000 years ago, but he doesn't stand a chance against Blazkowitz's 20th century firepower
Come on, come on, the mother******'s on fire, he cut through the bone, he cut through the wire, yeah yeah yeah yeah...