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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Mission Briefing
Cool architecture courtesy of the Quake III engine
Dead Nazi meat...
Main Title
A really HOT fight which HE will lose :)
Main Menu
Hm... a Hakenkreuz flag. Well, it's a Nazi castle...
More nice architecture
Some sort of motor - and OH, an enemy coming from the right!
Yes, this game is pretty gory :)
These bags save your life in here
Sometimes you can blast up barrels by shooting them - in some cases, you will get to a secret area then.
A tram car... and some dudes who tried to protect it, hehe
These level designers really did a great job!
Another example for the complex level design
Even fine details like this wire fence look great
Arriving at the station - some Nazis are trying to stop me again...
This is my contact person in the village - he always avoids to look at me :(
The german village
These trees really look realistic
Empty shells are popping out of my machine gun
A modified "swastika" flag in the German release of RTCW
The new "Fuehrer" (German version)
Another modified flag - the swastika below the eagle is missing (German version)
The coast looks clear, but something tells me I'll be shot at again soon.
When you get lost and are bored, kick the corpses, they bleed!
Lopers are nasty Nazi experiments that are developed in the X-Labs.
This guy got his arm chewed off!!
The zombies can leave a lot uneaten sometimes.
A leg, how... interesting.
Helga Von Bulow was torn apart by the first boss.
This arm was already here, but some guys head rolled down the stairs.
They'll never find me up here!
Good ol' zombie is happy to see you.