Riana Rouge Credits (Windows)

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Riana Rouge Credits


The CastGillian Bonner (Riana Rouge), Joshua Caine (Frank Virago/Gash/Gene E./Pod Dude/Warden), Heather Lawler (Javelin)
Executive ProducerGillian Bonner, Joshua Caine
Art DirectorGillian Bonner
ProducerBrendan Moore
ComposerBrendan Moore
Assistant EngineerBrendan Moore
Lead EngineerBrooks Bell
WriterNancy Oliver
3D Art DirectorBrian Anthony
Additional Music bloom.
Costume Design & Prop CreationEvan Walters
Hair & MakeupJudith O'Conner
HairWayne Lysght
Concept & DesignBrian Anthony, Gillian Bonner, Kris Kilayko, Heather Lawler, Justin Leach, Michael McCarthy
Environment CreationBrian Anthony, Gillian Bonner, Kris Kilayko, Heather Lawler, Justin Leach, Kat MacConochie, Brian Matthews, Michael McCarthy, Rich Wardlow
Character DesignBrian Anthony, Heather Lawler, Brian Matthews, Carol Schneider, David Stroner
3D AnimationBrian Anthony, David Stroner, Rich Wardlow
2D Animation/Blood & GutsTom Barret, Heather Lawler, Kat MacConochie, Carol Schneider
CD Design/Package DesignGillian Bonner, Kat MacConochie
Video Production Crew - CaliforniaMichael Becker, Daniel Bracamonte, Manuel Bracamonte, Jeffrey Conte, Michael Conte, Jeffrey Eigel, Bob Kertesz, Karlo Kilayko, Greg Noyse, Mike Walton
Special ThanksJoshua Caine, Bridgette Walther
VoicesMarty Fugate, Nancy Oliver
Additional video directed byNancy Oliver, Skott Snyder
Video Production Crew - Century III FloridaJim Adams, Bill Ahrens, Michael Desantis, Doug Fenclau, Eric Hungerford, Sara Olmstead, Kristen Pignatelli, David Tinsley, Jack Tinsley, Heidi Welker

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