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Riana Rouge Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Mousey hair and glasses, a grerat way to disguise any playmate as she starts her adventure
Your quest begins in the Temple of Worlds
Javelin (Heather Lawler) needs you to save her from "Him"
The temple gate leads to the three worlds you must explore
Each world dresses Riana (Gillian Bonner) in a different fetish costume
The "multi-talented" Joshua Caine plays all six of the games male characters (and was one of the Executive Producers)
Adventuring takes place on standard point-and-click/inventory screens...
... and in FMV dialogue screens where your "emotivator" (lower right) lets you choose one of six responses to a situation
The world of indulgences, where sensuality runs amok
The nightmare of the Prison World
Choose well and you can "rescue" Javelin...
... choose poorly and many bloody deaths await (like this head shot from the prison warden)