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Rinne Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Main Menu.
Is it just me or does the woman in the opening FMV look like Tifa?
I always loved the way the rabbits looked in the Relics series.
You start off as a spirit and you are given 60 seconds to find a body to possess.
The Status and Item screens.
There's a tutorial for this game and it's got gameplay videos.
Possessing a MARX trooper.
I wonder why they locked him up.
Rabbits to the rescue!
Exploring underground areas.
Uh oh, I shouldn't have gone there.
And now I need to find a host.
This mole will do for now.
Defeating the enemies clears a path.
I found an ally. Gee, I wonder what this thing does...
Looks like I freed this warrior.
Now I can possess this blue suit.
The blue guy can chain combos and has better magic.
Now I can go further down below.
What happened?
A boss battle.