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R.I.P. Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu.
Character select.
Game mode select.
The tutorial.
The attack beings.
End level stats.
Shooting dogs is never fun except now.
Here I am about to shoot a Shield pick-up.
Shields are active!
Bloodiest snowball fight ever!
Just gotta find the perfect time to shoot those barrels.
I wish there was a straight line-up of enemies to shoot at with this alt-fire.
The regular version of this zaps multiple enemies at the same time just like in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Glad I have that shield!
Rockets are one of the most frustrating weapons in this game. The alt-fire is mines.
Shotgun! Note the time slow-downer on the bottom left.
The white circle shows the accuracy that you currently have.
The rail gun is fun for mowing down series of enemies.
I died!
My wish for a line-up of enemies comes true. This game is unique in that it often gives you situations that make best use of a given weapon.
I hope to survive this final onslaught!
Top Scores!
Kids version of mayhem. Flowers replace blood. You're still shooting though...