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Rising Angels: Reborn Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Not standard for VNs, but an interesting addition nonetheless.
Starting hallway.
The drawings are not 100% manga-like in nature.
First of (not that many) decisions.
Unusual for VNs to depict so many characters on the screen at the same time.
You can take different 'alignments' of sorts.
There's also outside scenery.
That's some pretty nifty lab, if I ever saw one. And I have seen quite a few...
Alien desert.
Everyone's pretty upset about SOMETHING.
It's a bad thing leaving the ship unmanned...
Briefing room.
Music is interesting in this game, actually.
Sure I did. I have never failed you, Boss!
Huh... not really. I've made up my mind.
That's a pretty darn good question I ask myself every single day.
She doesn't look like she's very happy about it though.
I wish they'd show the rock actually. It would be a small treat.
One of many.