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Rising Lands Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

FMV Title Screen
Loading screen.
Main menu screen (demo version).
Mission briefing (demo version). You can set research priorities on this screen as well.
The Sanctuary is the centre of the player's colony.
A Builder is in the process of constructing a Storehouse.
In order for the newly built Storehouse to become operational, a Settler needs to be sent to it from the Sanctuary.
Farmers are busy gathering pumpkins for the settlement. The Roman numerals indicate a Farmer's waypoints so that the crops will be delivered to the Storehouse.
Under attack from a small band of the rival clan.
Various foot soldiers are trained at the Barracks.
A scouting party discovers some scrap metal in the field.
A Builder is heading towards a mine to get some stone.
The game can also run at a lower resolution. It is possible to switch between video modes during play by pressing F11.
Upon exit, the demo version showcases various buildings from the game.