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Rival Ball Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Eight boardsets are in the unregistered version
Each one has its own high scores
"Einstein's Eyes"
"Full Moon"
"Turtle Shell"
Start of a level
First few shots - a 'wild tile' removed the red ones
Picked up the more destructive ball, waiting for the explosion
Not too many left now - the large ball icon is pointless right now
Level 2
It takes some work to find the killer gaps here
The red ones are to be avoided
Level complete
The yellow blocks here take multiple hits
Worse, some hidden ones are created as you cross their space
Lost the ball
Removed the main rows
Level 4 - the low bricks make it harder
Game over
High score entry
The bricks on the right are the 'sweet spot' here
TNT is useful
And here's the proof
Collected an enlarged bat
Multiball is quite pinball-esque
These balls cut through anything
Making light work of even tough screens
The ball's on the right here
The big-bat token drops towards me
All those fire squares at the top help, a bit
The bat can be enlarged twice