Riven: The Sequel to Myst Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game starts exactly as Myst ends
The graphics have been significantly improved
Those wires are actually a track for a transportation device
A poor fella from the intro animation scene
Animations are as good as the static-animated images
Ah-ha, now this is where the menu's hidden
Jungle paths
Is it hot here, or is it just me?
It seems that Riven is inhabited after all. Pity all the inhabitants run at spark of your presence
You just can't answer which one is nicer... trees or sea
You'll find more reading and riddling than speaking in this game
Secret lab
Some sort of a local tram
No matter human lack, there is plently of wild life here
Expect to see more such hard-to-comprehend mechanisms you'll have to somehow figure out how to use
Did you see that?.. Who is that girl?..
Atmospheric path through the snow towards a mysterious temple
Turn this huge mechanism around to open a new path
Traveling all over the islands. Nice transportation system...
You are in a submarine!..
Pre-rendered water is sparsely animated
You've discovered someone's room... what secret does it harbor?
Is this a classroom?..
Eventually you'll be able to climb high. Just look at this view...
You'll encounter a few characters over the course of your journey
Re-arranging statues in an Animist Temple
Later parts of the game have a somewhat sci-fi inclination
You'll travel to different "worlds". This one looks rather grim...
Ambushed and knocked down by rebels!..
Near the end of the game. Who are the people on these portraits?..