Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

This cursor means that you can go in this direction... Are you sure you want to jump directly into Kali's mouth? :()
Nice kitchen...
Our heroes
You wont meet many characters, unfortunatelly...
What is this, "Monkey Island"?
A road in India
Quite an impressive apartment...
Title screen and main menu
You start here, in front of Taj Mahal, in "dream mode"
The tiles puzzle
Nice view on the garden near Taj Mahal
The game was clearly influenced by "Monkey Island", now I'm sure of it! :)
This cursor appears automatically when you are able to pick up an object
You don't forget about the importance of vitamin C in this game
In those magazines, you'll find some useful information...
An empty street in New Dehli
Laj Vanti? Sounds familiar...
No matter how, I'll open this gate!
Interesting picture...
This boy will help you
Aha... Now I know something!
The Monkey Language puzzle - my personal favorite
Endless corridors of Taj Mahal
Hey! Give me my purse back!
Where d'ya wanna go?