Road Wars Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main title page, as good a place to start as any.
Much as Canadian Football League players cling to the impossible dream of being noticed by the NFL, these second-stringers sit around waiting for a call from Carmageddon.
Each character has a unique car and a special advantage. Daisy here gets her tires for free. I wonder how she does that?
Once you've selected the race, you can check out the competition and go to the garage...
... where a wide variety of weapons, armor, and upgrades await purchase.
You can also customize your car with one of six pant jobs.
A pre-race line-up on the colosseum track.
The traditional countdown to mayhem.
As your ride gets busted up, you'll see the damage.
Most tracks have a European flavor.
Turrets along the course take potshots at passing drivers.
What, that's all I get for winning? My name at the top of a list? No trophy screen? Man, do you know hard it was to X the other five drivers?
Some tracks have claustrophobic indoor legs such as this ride through a train station.
Once your engine is on fire, you'll have a hard time finishing the race.
Wrong way? Oh, they must think I'm trying to AVOID a head on collision on this narrow bridge.
Mad Max called. He said you're not even close.