Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

There are only two cinematics (intro and outro), but have a nice touch of quality.
Clear illustration of guards' temperament will already be seen in the opening.
Our hero - the Robin Hood, making his bow sing.
Main Menu
Spotted by the guards, oh oh, I should've used more stealthy approach.
Throughout the first mission, you'll be presented with lots of useful hints and tips.
Sherwood forest zoomed out, the place you can train your merry men, produce arrows, and select your next mission
While in Sherwood forest, you can check each of your character's skills by mouse-overing him
Robin is prepping to take on the guards of a tax collector passing through his territory
You can toss a pouch of gold to a group of soldiers, and they'll fight for it until only one is left standing
A world map which is accessible only in Sherwood forest, you select your next mission there
Robin is lowering down the bridge so his comrades can enter to help him
The walls of an infamous Nottingham, zoomed out view over the castle gate
Zoomed in on the battlefield, you can use blood-'n'-guts routine as well, but Robin's reputation may suffer
Robin can jump over the rooftops to avoid being spot by the ground patrols
Now that the 'padre' is asleep, Robin can pretend to be a priest in order to speak with Marian
Press ESC anytime to access ingame menu and see the list of current mission objectives
Each time you return to Sherwood, you can check out the outcome of your men's efforts
Mission loading screen
Soldiers escorting a caravan through the forest are quite unaware of your ambush
Prince John and the rest of the noble scum, entering highly fortified fortress for a secret meeting
Aside from her good looks, Marian is almost as good as Robin in handling a bow
When you approach close enough, the graphic will automatically cut in to show the interior of the structure
Friar Tuck can throw a bee hive at the enemies which will make them occupied for a period of time
Sometimes you will have to lead a full scale attack on the castle and provide support to your allies
Robin Hood having a duel with a sheriff of Nottingham
Robin Hood will have to find a way past the imperial guards and stop Marian from marrying the badguy
Finding your way through the dense fog