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Written by  :  piltdown_man (171970)
Written on  :  Feb 03, 2015
Platform  :  Windows

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Good for an afternoon

The Good

I don't play hidden object games very often but having played this one last week and then another awful one this week it seemed important to make positive comments where they are due.

I played this game all the way through. In all it took between five and six hours to complete on the hard setting. Apart from a few puzzles it wasn't that taxing but it was interesting. There is a decent selection of puzzles to be had here, some I have not come across before.

The game had a standard format to each location which was solve a puzzle to unlock the door, find all instances of a specific item before the character will help, then find a list of specific items. However this wasn't adhered to so much that the game became repetitive. Sometimes the initial lock solving puzzle was omitted or in other cases the location was a treasure chest and that was the only puzzle there was. In one instance before the player could enter the 'find the object' phase they had to assemble the pirate from his bones and re-animate him first. Plenty of variety so the game was not boring.

The music wasn't bad, it consisted of a decent orchestral piece that would have been at home in a 50's pirate movie, and although that was the only 'big' piece it wasn't repeated to the point where I turned the sound off.

The drawing was first rate. The pictures were crisp, sharp, stuffed with items and were a pleasure to look at. I did get stuck a couple of times, once I could not find a cat because all that could be seen was a piece of it's tail poking out from behind the scenery, but that's about par for the course and certainly not something I'd hold against the game

The Bad

Not much wrong with this game really, for me they ticked all the right boxes and produced a game that I enjoyed playing. My only gripe is that it was a little bit too easy and a bit too short.

The Bottom Line

This is fun and it's well made. It's short but it will fill a dark night or a wet afternoon quite nicely