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RoboCop Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Media updates
Mission select and details
Criminal profiles
Robo's mission begins.
Static appears whenever you kill an innocent or are low on power.
Zooming in to kill a gang member.
Blowing up a van with explosives I planted.
Arresting a gang member.
Oh no, Robo is dead.
Looking down on the streets below.
Searching a way out of the sewers.
What on earth is this room for? And why are those gates shutting behind me?
A giant rat!
Grenade launchers quickly clear out rooms.
Civilians can sometimes offer assistance.
Detroit's finest
This is where they've been keeping the stolen cars.
Shooting at gas pumps = boom.
Mission accomplished.
Now you can look at evidence you gathered.
Mission map
City dump
Rescue the civilians.
The machine gun attachment takes out a large enemy.
Use thermal vision to spot bad guys through walls.
Fighting an ED-209
Officer Lewis is in trouble!
Foundry level, with an exploding grenade.
Warehouse level. Pursuing Nexx and his gang.
Robo starts fighting cloaking cyborgs about halfway through the game.
"Let the woman go, you are under arrest!"
Inside a secret research facility/drug lab.
So that's where the giant rats came from!
The investigation leads Robo to an offshore platform.
These female cyborgs shoot a devastating energy blast.
Joyvalley-brand baby food.
In the lobby of OCP's monolithic tower.
The "M.I.N.D." computer at the heart of all the trouble.