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Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
There are eight game modes in total.
Selecting your robot. At this point a friend can join on the same computer by pressing the corresponding button or key.
The first arena is the the TV Show arena.
At the beginning of every match you'll get stats of the robot you picked as well as the other robots.
This levels hazards include those flame throwers.
Creating your own custom robot sounds like fun.
But sometimes in the test drive you find out that it's really not all it's cracked up to be.
The second arena is a New York subway station, complete with passing subway train.
The map on the upper left shows you a less complicated layout of the battle.
Next up, Tokyo, Japan. Don't fall down off the roof or through the skylights.
It's really hard to see if you're doing any damage.
Level selection screen. Mostly uninformative.
The North Atlantic level takes place aboard a carrier.
Sao Paulo is great for the football game.
The trash compacter is a slow death.
Munich arena is contained in a car manufacturing plant.
Conveyor belts and paint dips abound.
The car construction robot arms take offence to your proximity.
At the end of every battle statistics are shown. I won this time around!
Siberia holds a launching missile in the middle of the level!
Me, being the huge jerk I am, launched it right away.
The last level is Mars, complete with martian landscapes and anti-gravity hazards.
One of the biggest hazards on this level is the airlock! You can imagine what happens to trapped enemies in there.