Rock Tour Credits

Game Mill Entertainment

PresidentGary W. Miller
Development ManagerBrandon Miller

Gabriel Entertainment

PresidentMichael Root
Vice PresidentGreg Phillips
Game ConceptGreg Phillips
Game DesignNate Logan
Lead ProgrammerAaron Link
ProgrammerNate Logan
ArtworkChris Ludden (Giant Turtle), Ginger Ludden (Giant Turtle)
Character AnimationChris Ludden (Giant Turtle), Ginger Ludden (Giant Turtle)
Event and Misc. Copy WritingGinger Ludden (Giant Turtle), Sarah Snook (Giant Turtle)

Featured Bands

BlaknoteRick Luna (Bass Guitar), John Snyder (Drums), Rob Sprowl (Vocals), Aaron Smith (Guitar), Aaron Sprowl (Guitar)
AvenpitchTodd Millenacker (Vocals/Guitar), Darren Siaw (Guitar), Paul Hudalla (Drums), Sarah France (Keyboard)
Paradise RegainedAdam Rutherford (Drums/Keyboard/Vocals), Matthew Holbrook (Vocals/Guitar), Jimmy Winn (Guitar), Brook Xiao (Violin), Jonathan Micklos (Bass Guitar)
XerosumBrian Lewis (Bass Guitar), Gabe Senour (Drums), KJ Testin (Vocals), Dustin Green (Guitar), Trinity Martin (Guitar), Levar Johnson (Manager)
Lone OakPadraic Murphy (Percussion), Peter Lynn (Guitar/Piano/Vocals), James Woods (Guitar/Vocals), Owen Hames (Bass Guitar)


Audio EngineeringChris Wodock (Music Garage)
SFX / Audio EditingMike Prophet
Performance Animation SynchronizationVictor Cortis, Dan Mecca
Sound EngineerMike Prophet
EULA TextGame Mill Entertainment
Box ArtGame Mill Entertainment
Special ThanksJosh T., Kyle C., Brennan C., Julian T., Ken R., Mike B., Jeff K., Keith E., Adam L., Alex L., Alex H., James M.

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