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Rolemaster: Magestorm Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main screen. The statues represent your three character slots.
Stat sheet for a newly created character.
"Thunder Keep" map
"Cathedral of Light" map
Offline has rudimentary AI bots roaming around. Here they act out what a real online battle might have looked like.
"Roarc Catacombs" map
"Town of Sirama" map
There's always a better mage
If you're not revived by a Cleric, the shrine respawns you in Valhalla - a magic-free zone that teleports you back into the fight.
"Halls of the Loaru" map
"Temple of Ramhotep" map
Some spells cast a light effect as they travel.
Archanists can place "signs" on the floor that act like proximity traps.
Pools are scattered around the map like forward bases. They offer proximity recharge bonuses to the team that controls them.
If an enemy stands next to a shrine, they drain it. No shrines and no Clerics mean no respawns.
The engine allows you to look up and down, crouch, jump, and even fly with the right skills.