RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Credits

Basic Credits

Design and ProgrammingChristopher Sawyer
GraphicsSimon Foster
Sound and MusicAllister Brimble
Additional sounds recorded byDavid Ellis
Representation byJacqui Lyons (at Marjacq Ltd.)
Thanks toPeter James Adcock, Joe Booth, John Wardley

Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

Senior ProducerThomas J. Zahorik
Brand Manager Scott Triola
Executive Producer Bill Lévay
V.P. of Product Development Scott Walker
Director of Marketing Ann Marie Bland
Director of Creative Services Steve Martin
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Art DirectorCharles Rizzo
Graphic Designer Paul Anselmi
Documentation Specialist Kurt Carlson
Copywriter Paul Collin
Special Thanks Peter Matiss

Infogrames Q.A.

Director of Quality Assurance, North America Michael Craighead
Senior Manager, Q.A. Certification Group Kurt Boutin
Engineering Specialist Ken Edwards
Engineerring Services Manager Luis Rivas
Q.A.Testing Managers Randy Lee, Bill Carroll
Q.A. Certification Lead Mark Huggins
Senior Tester Matthew Pantaleoni
Lead Tester Daniel Frisoli
Testers Dena Fitzgerald, Scott Rollins, Christopher McPhail, Clif McClure, Erik Maramaldi, Erik Jeffery
Compatiblity Lab SupervisorDavid Strang
Lead Compatability Analyst Geoffrey Smith II
Compatability Analysts Jason Cordero, Burke McQuinn, Kim Jardin
Music acknowledgementsSearchlight Rag ©, Scott Joplin, Flight of Fantasy ©, Steve Blenkinsopp
Original recordings C.J.Mears Organisation - used with consent.
Samples courtesy of Spectrasonics Liquid Grooves.

Infogrames Europe

Executive Vice President MarketingLarry Sparks
Executive Vice President Certification & QualityJean-Marcel Nicolaï
Re‑Publishing ManagerAnne-Cécile Bénita
Marketing Director Core GamesFrank Heissat
Marketing Manager Core GamesCyril Voiron
Brand Manager Core GamesOlivier Turkel
Product Manager Core GamesSébastien Brasseur
Public Relation ExecutiveAdeline Tiengou
Localisation Support Group ManagerSylviane Pivot-Chossat
Localisation Project ManagersChrystèle Dozoul, Valérie Maillot
Translation Project ManagerWeronika Larsson, Heather Riddoch, Monika Steinhauer, Beate Vigliano-Reiter
Localisation Technical ConsultantsJocelyn Natali, Bruno Pivano, Fabien Roset
Localisation Service ProvidersBabel Media, KBP, Synthesis
Software Functionality TestingOlivier Robin, Carine Mawart, Stéphane Charrier
Engineering ServicePhilippe Louvet, Stéphane Entéric, Emeric Polin
Marketing Services DirectorEmmanuelle Tahmazian
Creative Studio ManagerPatrick Chouzenoux
Design Studio ManagerRose-May Mathon
Design StudiosJérome Gouvenot
Media Studio ManagerEric Baesa
Marketing Communication ManagerCécile Gillet
Marketing CommunicationJenny Clark, Marie-Emilie Requien, Nadja Manseur
Certification & Planning Support Group (CPSG)Rebecka Pernered, Caroline Fauchille, Jérôme Di Tullio, Sophie Wibaux-Meliet
Distribution EDS SellingPatricia Nowak, Pauline Nam, Jake Tombs, Jean Grenouiller, Anne Sylvie Gautier, Anne Sigwalt
Special Thanks toRenaud Marin, Kerry Martyn, Scott Triola, Daphne Rapaccioli, Alexandre Enklaar, Frank Holz, Ralph Frefat, Amanda Faar, Babette Eikelman, Emma Rush, Giorgia Janelli, Andrea Colombo, Carlos Sacristan, Franz Mittermayer, Johnny Berggren, Tim Verschure, Johan De Windt, Tino Piovetta, Amir Kalka, Jeff Wong

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