Easter Egg additional info:

Nancy Stillwagon - in real life Nancy runs a company that sells coaster books, merchandise, novelty items etc in the USA, and she loves Ice Cream!

In the game, when Nancy hands out ice cream there is a bug in it...the coding doesn't differentiate between a guest and a coaster train, so when she rides a coaster she gives the coaster train an Ice Cream...which makes the track go all funny and you see the car leaving ghost images behind (so only try this one out on a scenario that you have already saved and can quit without saving!)

Andy Hine - is president and founder of the RCCGB coaster club and the Phoenix at Knoebels in USA is his favorite woodie)

Elissa White - she is the wife of Robb Alvey, who makes many coaster videos and is a friend of Chris Sawyer.

David Ellis - Chris Sawyer took the RCT2 sounds from a couple of video tapes David made for him of roller coasters. Since getting a camcorder a few years ago David has done a lot of filming of coasters and especially on-ride footage. Every coaster trip he does he takes his camcorder and films where he is allowed to. He suggested to Chris that a character called David Ellis would walk around the park with a camcorder in his hand, filming. Chris did several test versions of this animation, but he wasn't totally happy with the results, so he came up with a compromise...which is what happened. When David films on coasters he usually "introduces" the coaster on the lifthill by saying "and here we are on the Big Dipper" or whatever the ride is called. This is so that anyone watching the tape knows what coaster they are "riding". Chris thought it would be a good idea to use this phrase for the character.

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Although each international version uses a currency sign appropriate to its country, the money is not converted in many cases. A roller-coaster that costs $20,000 also costs CN$20,000 and £20,000. What's a bargain in Canada is highway robbery in the U.K.!

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In Germany, Infogrames started a nice Point-of-Sale-Promotion for RCT2. There were Scream-o-Meters, which measured the scream intensity of people attending a Scream Competition. Very loud, as I recall... ;)

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