Rome: Total War - Alexander Credits

The Creative Assembly

Project Lead Ian Roxburgh
The TeamMelvyn Quek, James Whitston, Jeff Woods, Stephen Virgo, Alan Blair
ProgrammingScott Pitkethly, Charlie Dell, Lee Cowen, J. Guy Davidson, Tom Miles
ArtChris Waller, Peter Brophy
PR & MarketingMark Sutherns, Richie Skinner
TestingGraham Axford, James Buckle, Gian Piras
IT SupportGareth Hailes, Simon Allan
Additional SupportLuci Black, Joss Adley, Ross Manton, Dion Lay
Voice Production and EditingPhilip Morris (AllintheGame Ltd.)
Voice ActorBrian Blessed
Special thanks toKevin McDowell, Philip Morris, The Total War team, Sega of America, Sega Europe Limited, A big thanks to all the moderators on the official forums and all the fans that have helped make the online community as great as it is!, And a huge thanks to our families and friends for their understanding and support.

Sega Europe Limited

CEO of SEGA Europe / SEGA AmericaNaoya Tsurumi
President/COO of SEGA EuropeMichael Hayes
Development DirectorGary Dunn
Head of Development – EuropeBrandon Smith
ProducersDarius Sadeghian, Simon Mathews, James Brown
Creative DirectorMatthew Woodley
Director of European MarketingGary Knight
Head of Brand MarketingHelen Nicholas
European PRLynn Daniel, Kerry Martyn
Brand ManagerDarren Williams
International Brand ManagerBen Stevens
Creative ServicesTom Bingle, Keith Hodgetts, Akane Hiraoka, Arnoud Tempelaere, Alison Warfield
Online Marketing ManagerMorgan Evans
Web EditorRomily Broad
Senior Web Designer Bennie Booysen
Head of Development ServicesMark LeBreton
QA SupervisorMarlon Grant, Stuart Arrowsmith
Master Tech.John Hegarty
Lead TestersDenver Cockell, Rickard Kallden, Phongtep Boonpeng, Trevor Barnes
TestersAndrzej Lubas, Dominic Taggart, Hercules Bekker, Hany Gohary, David George, Paul Rogers, Richard Williams, Benny Mallow, Brom Sulaiman, Marlon Andall, Jide Alabi, Titus Samkubam, Tony Langan

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Graham Axford, 34 other games
Bennie Booysen, 33 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Indra was here (20902)