Short on Cash?Contributed by Indra is stressed (20731) on Feb 21, 2007.

Short Term Plans
[1] On the early stages of the game, if you have allies, send a diplomat and offer them to attack on a nation. They will offer a small amount of money in return. Though for some stupid reason, this method seems to be offensive to your allies;
[2] Threaten your neighbors by sending a diplomat and request "single payment". Don't add the "accept or we will attack" requirement, they tend to sulk. When, where and who to do this:

  • Adjacent nations currently at peace with you. Have to be a little weaker than you military speaking, if they refuse, that means they have an adequate military force compared to yours;
  • Non-adjacent nations currently at war with you. They will offer a cease-fire or you could offer a cease fire with an additional single payment clause. Try 5,000 - 10,000 Denarii and bargain from that point.
Medium Term Plans
Trade agreements. Do not underestimate the cash flow from trade agreements!. Trade income is effected by the following:
  • Distance between you and the trading nation. Closer nations are better, er then again I'm not that sure;
  • Roads and markets;
  • Ports. The bigger the port, the more trading fleets;
  • Size of trading city.

    Note: Always try to offer a cease fire with a trade agreement clause to an enemy nation, if available.

    Long Term Plans
    Build financial supporting structures in this order:
  • Mines; Stable annual income;
  • Farms - Farming income and supports bigger population;
  • Ports - To create trade fleets;
  • Markets - For trade surplus;
  • Temples, academies, etc. to provide retainers that give the governor management/trade/farming bonuses.

  • Decrease army. Pay attention to your finances, armies cost wages. Compare your wages to your income. But don't be fooled if your total income is minus (red). Construction and recruitment also listed their. Pay attention only to annual expenditure;
  • Chase enemy units and rebels from your provinces. They ruin the land, identifiable by "black spots" on your provinces;
  • Arena's and Races cost money. They even cost more compared to lowering taxes. So its better to have a low tax rate with annual races than high tax rate with daily races;
  • If you haven't noticed already, enemy ships blocking your port disrupts sea trade.

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