Runaway: A Road Adventure Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

A very strange laboratory
This room has all sorts of neat gizmos to look through
Menu for options, saving & loading games etc.
Look at an item and Brian will tell you about it. Objects can be combined within this inventory window also.
Save your game - always in a new slot. Each one must be given a name. You can also erase previous saves.
When a chapter is finished and a new one is beginning, Brian tells you what has happened and gives an introduction to what's coming up
When you need to swap discs, you'll see this screen. The graphic shows the tray closing when its ready to load.
You have 5 basic icons for interaction - the Hand, the Magnifying Glass, a Bubble for speech, Crosshair for walking around and an Arrow for exiting a room. Watch the bottom text carefully while searching for items. Sometimes it can be a pixel hunt.
Willy is the janitor in the Museum. A strange dude indeed, but he can help you in various ways.
This shot shows the arrow "exit" icon (bottom right). Also notice how lifelike the graphics are.
A shot of the thugs chasing Brian and Gina.
Brian meets up with all sorts of strange characters, including these 3 women who have problems of their own.
You can select a chapter to start from the beginning, or press ESCape to go to the Load menu.
The beautiful Gina
Inside the bus, there are loads of things to find.
Some places have numerous locations to visit, travelled by way of maps.
Their travels will take them to a Ghost Town. This is inside the Hotel.
One of the puzzles is opening this safe.
Picturesque views in the Hopi Canyon
Chapter 1: A store room for medical supplies in the hospital where Gina was taken to.
Chapter 2: To get more information of the crucifix of Gina, Brian visits his friend Clive who works in a museum.
Chapter 3: Brian and Gina are kidnapped the gangsters and put in a shed in the desert of Arizona.
Chapter 3: To get the contents of this shed, you need to allure the termites nearby.
Chapter4: An overview of the locations around Douglasville
Chapter 4: You need to find this map in order to find the Hopi town.
Chapter 5: A scary Hopi statue.
Chapter 6: Saturn is very inspired by his new helmet as you can see on the statue he is crafting.
Main title.
It all starts with a car accident.
A bold move to reach the adjacent room.
This bathroom have seen better days.
Looking for answers.
An old warplane, might still be salvageable, to some extent.
Improvised bullets.
A moment of despair.
Inside the bank.
Sometimes additional in-game screens appear to give you more options.
Man made alien device, or something.
Gina confessing her true profession.
Checking the trailer.
I believe they are referring to you.
Spying on the bad guy.
You'll make all kind of friends on your adventure.
Driving on the San Francisco bridge.