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Rune Credits

Human Head Studios, Inc.

Programming LeadPaul MacArthur
Art ManagerTed Halsted
Business DirectorTimothy S. Gerritsen
ProgrammersPaul MacArthur, Chris Rhinehart
Additional ProgrammingMike Craddick, Ben Gokey, Matthew Sweeney
DesignHuman Head Studios Incorporated
Level DesignMick Beard, Dave Halsted, Ted Halsted, James Sumwalt
Additional Level DesignGreg Marshall
AnimationNathaniel Albright, Jeff DeWitt
Environmental TexturesGreg Marshall
Character TexturesTim Bowman
3D ModellingShane Gurno
Concept ArtTim Bowman, Jeff DeWitt, Shane Gurno, Ted Halsted, Greg Marshall, James Sumwalt
Loreguide (Manual)Seth Johnson
Original ConceptTed Halsted
PR and Marketing SupportTimothy S. Gerritsen, Tricia Harris, Chad Savage
Historical AdvisorLaurie Wise
Viking Ship ModelJohn Falgate
Additional AnimationMike Werckle
Director & ProducerMichael Larson
SoundMichael Larson
MusicJim B-Reay, Michael Larson, Rom Di Prisco
VoiceoversLee Ernst, Ted Halsted, Michael Larson, Tejumola F. Ologboni, Sue Quinn, Nick Skrowaczewski
DialogTed Halsted, Seth Johnson
ThanksLarry Hill, Kenny Stoll, Sean Wipfli

Gathering of Developers, Inc.

Licensing/PR Mike Wilson
Producer Joshua Galloway
PR Lori Mezoff, Andrea Schneider, Jeff Smith
International Partnering Harry A. Miller IV
Marketing Jim Bloom, Mike Wilson, Devin Winterbottom, Jennymarie Jemison, Toni DeValdenebro
Sales David Gershik
Audio/Visual Production Doug Myres
Checkwriter Rick Stults
Operations/ProductionTerry Nagy
Writer William Haskins
Online Support Jordan Allen, Mike Donahue, Ian Armstrong, Jerry Wolski, Scott Dudley, Scott Farrell
QA/Tech Support Rich Vos
Administrative Joanna Carr-Brown
GoD TestersJason Birdwell, Shane Love, Jerrod Lai, Ben Donges
Manual Design Peter Muench
Special Thanks To Epic Games, Our family and friends
Thanks for the Runestones and Axes Reginleif Wise, Kirby Wise
Human Head Beta TestersBrandi Quamme, Dan Baker, Eric Peters, John Kasab, Jonathan Leitheusser, Kevin Tritz, Louise Beard, Mark Seveska, Paul Tutcher, Scott Rammer, Seth Johnson, Travis Soumis
In Memory ofGene Rhinehart (1950-1999)

Co-Published by Take 2 Interactive

ProducerLuke Vernon
PRManab Roy, Emma Rush, Sarah Seaby
MarketingManab Roy, Emma Rush, Sarah Seaby
Product ManagerGabriel Wunderlich
Marketing AssistantMarkus Neumann
LocalisationCODA GmbH, Johannes Deny, Hans Schneck
ProductionJon Broadbridge, Chris Madgwick

Tested by Tarantula Studios

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TestersPaul Byers, Timothy Bates, Kevin Hobson
TestersCharlie Kinloch, Andrew Mason, Denby Grace, Julian Turner, Chris Brown, Lee Johnson, Matthew Hewitt, James Cree, William Kirton, Robert Dunkin, Philip Alexander

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (56599), Corn Popper (69229), formercontrib (158924) and Rantanplan (1826)