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Rune Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

lets make this an even battle
icy battle
see me bring him down
a great castle in the background
A familiar scene?
Fire kills, watch out
white creatures of the night
hallways of death
Standing on a rooftop in Ragnar's quaint little village of Wotenkeld, showing off the Unreal engine's capacity for large outdoor environments
Conrack the Betrayer and Sigard the Great are out to conquer the world. Of course, it's up to you to toss their pint.
Stand of the Dishonored... a 'boss' battle against Hel's undead legions
Ragnar and some dark vikings battle a Wendol snow beast
Odin the All-father (also known as 'ol One-Eye' to his buddies) shows up occasionally to point you in the right direction
First person view: Sigard's army of viking warriors are your worthiest opponents, but you won't be facing them for long
Sigard's dark vikings and Conrack's Loki guards like to whack each other almost as much as they like whacking you
Fighting a Wendol snowbeast with a torch... not a particularly smart move
The Mother Wendol boss is rather big, especially when you consider the fact you're supposed to fight it in hand-to-claw combat
The Dwarven lands are filled with steam-powered mechanical contraptions. Being a drunken mead-swilling Luddite, your objective is obviously RAGNAR SMASH!
'Agh! Big gubberfish! Huge-O-Teeth!' is one phrase no respectable Viking would be caught dead saying
Ragnar takes on a nasty Mechanical Dwarve, who's equipped with spinning blades arms and duel rocket launchers!
Showing a bunch of dark dwarves who's boss with my Blaze! rune power
The Dwarve Lord's giant mechanical power armor gives him god-like powers, but I've got a flaming sword... which actually doesn't help much
Loki, the God of Evil, in the flesh
Battling the menacing Sark spawned from Loki's blood
Ragnar duels with his nemesis Conrack as the evil Loki looks on
Your fellow Viking villagers are no match for Conrack's Sark army
Sark Conrack and his Sark buddies gloat over your demise
Sark Ragnar in an epic clash against Sark Conrack in front of the Runestone
Ragnar shows off Rune's dislimberment system by hacking off his father's arm... at least his folks can't blame it on violent video games
This is supposed to be Rune, not Soul Calibur! Conrack vs. Conrack?! How existential can you get?