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Russian Subway Dogs Credits (Windows)

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Russian Subway Dogs Credits

Created by Spooky Squid Games Inc.

Game DesignMiguel Sternberg
ProgrammingMiguel Sternberg
ArtAlina Sechkin, Miguel Sternberg
MusicPeter Chapman (aka COINS),
They Bleed Pixels (Station Music)By Laser Destroyer Team,, From their album Autodestron, Shaun Hatton (as DJ FINISH HIM [Based on original music by])
Sound EffectsMiguel Sternberg, Peter Chapman
Voice ActingMiguel Sternberg (Random Humans' SFX), Jake Thurgood (Proletaricat's meows SFX)
Campaing LevelsAlina Sechkin, Miguel Sternberg, Parrish Kilthei
FontsCraig Kroeger (for the Uni 05 family of pixel fonts), Brian Kent (for Upheaval Pro), Aleksandr Savenkov (for Upheaval Pro)
Created in GameMaker Studio using the following librariesGM Live, TweenGMS Pro, Retro Palette Swapper, Extended String Functions, TMC String


Above and Beyond PlaytestersJennifer Maciel Bolton, Paul Kvypers
Heavy PlaytestersKen Cho, Parrish Kilthei, Kyle Seeley, Charles Webb, Tomáš Zahradníček ('zelgaris')
Additional PlaytestersJoanna Chojnacka, CubemasterXD, Ronnie Ellis, Reid Ellis, Nigel Freeman, Stefan Gruber, Nkechinyem Oduh, Onyeka Oduh, Will O'Neil, Shoofle, Liam Toye, Sugs


"How do Macs even work!?" SupportChristine Love, Benjamin Rivers
Game devs who provided valuable feedback (even if we sometimes ignored it)Ricky Haggett, Andi McClure, Nicklas Nygren (as Nifflas), Kyle Seeley, Charles Webb, Will O'Neil

Guest "Dogs"

Doppler and Keplerappear courtesy of Asteroid Base Inc. all rights reserved.
Fidelappears courtesy of, Daniel Benmergui, and, Jeremías Babini, all rights reserved.
Nacho and Rad Chiba CharactersContributed by Sukeban Games. all rights reserved.
Nidhoggappears courtesy of Messhof llc ©2018
Ratcoonappears courtesy of Faux-Operative Games copyright 2017
Question Houndappears courtesy of KC Green ©2008.,, All rights reserved
Uay Chivoappears courtesy of Drinkbox Studios Inc., ©2018 all rights reserved.

Bridging our spooky squiddy world with the real one

LegalEmmanuel Eudemon
AccountingLinda Stewart, Roger Mehta
InsuranceStanislav Kojokin

Kakehashi Games

Japanese LocalizationRyu Ito


Special ThanksAndew Pilkiw (for co-founding Spooky Squid Games many years ago!), The organizers of Spam Jam where the original jam version of Russian Subway Dogs was created., Ricky Lima (for creating music for that jam game.), Mathew Kumar (for the encouragement to make this into a full game.), Ryan North (for sharing his deep Kickstarter knowledge.), Christine Love (for the loan of her fire-damaged Macbook Air.), R&R for letting us crash with them and their awesome birds once a year., Zoë Quinn (fine dog friendship facilitator.), Cassandra Khaw (for hooking us up with Sukeban Games.), Kim Gibson (and the rest of the hard working OMDC staff!), Shoofle [for helping us out at PAX East so we could take breaks!], All the creators of our guest ''dogs'', we tried our best to treat your puppers well., Russian Subway Dogs was made, off and on, over 6 long years. If we missed you, know that your contribution was important and Miguel's memory is poor.
Huge thanks to the various organizations and their volunteers at the many shows around the world where Russian Subway Dogs has been shownBit Bazaar, Devcom, Fantastic Arcade, GDC Pirate Kart, The Hand Eye Society, Indie Arena, Indie MEGABOOTH, Like Like Arcade, PAX East / West / South, Toronto Comic Arts Festival (Comics vs Games)


Spooky Squid Games Inc.© 2018 All rights reserved.,
.Made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation
The Kittens Are VERY Pleased.

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