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Saban's Power Rangers: Time Force Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game starts with the logos of the developers, publishers etc and then launches into an action packed video introduction
The game's title screen isn't that impressive and certainly is not on screen for long
As with all games the player must set up a game identity. Nice to see that a decent length name can be used
There's a load screen that appears quite often, at the start and between the mini games.
This is the main menu screen. Each ranger triggers a mini game and the icons in the lower right show high-scores and trigger the in-game help
At the start of each mini game there's a sequence showing the selected Power Ranger leaping into action and back in time. This is usually followed by the 'Loading' screen
A screen shot of one of the early stages of Cyclobot Round Up. here the Blue Ranger has just encircled a Cyclobot and it's disappeared in a puff of points.
One of the later stages of Cyclobot Round Up. This shows some of the power-ups, power-downs, and obstacles.
The Pink Ranger's challenge is to remove all the tiles in this Mah Jongg style game so that the buried artifact can be recovered
When recovered the artifact goes into the Pink Ranger's treasure chest
The Red Ranger faces Ransik in a wild west shootout. This is the start screen
Another bad guy falls to the power of Red Ranger's Vector Canon
The final boss level of Red Ranger's mini game
Once the boss of any game is defeated there's a short animation showing the Power Rangers collectively zapping them and imprisoning them in a capsule
As each game is completed the villain is captured and put into a capsule that appears on a shelf in the Rangers command centre. That's Ransik up on the top left
The Green Ranger looking for stranded citizens in a city of the future in Time Jet Challenge.
This is one of the mazes faced by the Yellow Ranger. The staircase that lets her escape the maze won't open until all the workers have been rescued
The game keeps a record of the player's score here