Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Character Creation
The World Map
Portals allow you to travel far distances instantly (once the other end has been discovered).
Taking a quest.
Soul stones work as respawnpoints once activated.
The mini map can be enlarged.
Finished a quest.
The circle marks the radius in which everything will be picked up automatically.
The character sheet, inventory, attributes list, skills selection and the talent and combo trees.
Many books can be found in the world containing much background about the world.
The quest log even shows a screenshot of the area where the goal is located.
The inquistor can buff himself to suck the souls of nearby enemies.
Nice view into the fog.
A High Elf observation post fueled by T-Energy.
Loading (pl)
Seraphia fights against inquisition
inscription on the tombstone
Surrounded by enemies
Fight near river
Monster with spikes
Pirate woman
Strange machine
Wild boar
Giant bats
Giant rat
Zombies in cave
Play as female high elf
Narrow road