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Sacred Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Character selection. Vampiress sound fun...
Vampiress gets bullied by some kids. This is really annoying actually... And no, you can't kill them.
Inventory and stats. Trade and level up takes place in this interface as well.
Vampiress transforms into her true form.
Fully transformed and ready to suck blood. Where did those kids go...?
One of your first quests
Buy a horse and travel faster! Fighting from the horses back is not to recommend though...
The 2D graphics is really pretty.
Portals takes you to distant lands.
Dungeon crawl with some assistance
A night shot
Two down 27,000 to go....
Make sure "Gore" is turned on in the settings, or you'll miss out on moments like these...
Missing a leg...
Hey, your head rolled into these bushes I think!
Size obviously doesn't matter.
Poor pathfinding is a big flaw in this game. Just make the giant get stuck on a pair of rocks and send a few fire arrows in his direction...
After some time the Vampiress can recruit dead enemies when in her true form. Here a Battle Wolf has been resurrected.
The very pretty and scrollable overland map. Notice how it looks like a real folded paper map.
Map can be zoomed in as well.
The developers have a weird sense of humor.
Finally, a shot that shows the games best feature : the beautiful zoomable 2D graphics.
A set item
I am to defeat this Ghoul in order to complete a quest.
I have saved a novice. The dialogue screen is poor in detail but it does its work well.
The stats screen. You can find here lots of information, useful or not so useful.
In the history panel, text from books and manuscripts are saved for future reading.
In the log you can also find information on your character.
The quest log is split into chapters and phases.
The main quest items are saved in this panel, so this way you cannot lose them.
A horse I bought from the Desert Orcs. Pretty nice nag :D
A dragon!
In some nice beach area.
A nicely detailed castle interior, with my bow-wielding character.