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Sacrifice Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

main menu
creating a wizard
the mission loading screen
choosing your campaign
entering a campaign
me and my minions
mithras the storyteller
Enemy Wizard casts a Tornado spell
Nice view
The creature in front is one of your priests, carrying a dead enemy's soul to your altar for cleansing
Sacrifice features many strange and beautiful landscapes
Selecting a gate to jump through in the campaign mode.
Sliding down towards a manalith.
They'll do everything they can to help you defeat your enemies.
A citadel-like structure sits in a corner of Diallia a land said to be long abandoned by the gods.
Pellanon suffers from sudden rain showers.
An in-game confrontation preludes a fight scene at a farm.
Your Gammel greets you.
Quorog is known for its fungus farming.
An explosion spell is cast underneath a swarm of enemies.
A dragon attack!
These cogs are loyal for the time being.
Daven is a filled with moral dilemmas for the player.
Daven is the home of the aptly named Daven Tree.
Intense fighting in Skirmish mode
The enemy altar has been desecrated!
The Hellmouth. My favorite creature :D