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Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro screen
Main menu
Choose your assignment.
Photo of giraffes while searching for the termite.
Smaller dung heap
Elephant family
Two lionesses stalking an easy prey. Look how well-concealed they are by tall grass.
An elephant gouging a baobab tree with his tusks to establish territory. Note a real-time rendered dynamic shadow of a tree on an elephant.
Did you know that elephants are second to humans only in their impact on the environment?
After each assignment, a player may read a relevant article illustrated by his own images. At the end of the article additional reading material is presented.
A gorgeous overview of small segment of Serengeti ecosystem
A dust-devil chasing a young giraffe.
A leopard taking a nap on the tree limb.
Three Hyraxes idly overviewing a running giraffe herd.
Two frogs in a small pond
A flock of flamingos as witnessed on a helicopter trip to Ngorongoro crater.
Migrating herd of wildebeests. This is only a small fraction. The number of wildebeests populating Ngorongoro crater is estimated in thousands.
Zebras and wildebeests migrating. I will have to take another route, because I am not allowed to break these animals natural habitat by approaching them.
A croc enjoying a little bird picking small pieces of meat from his mouth.
A loving mother crocodile, carrying her just hatched sibling in her mouth, towards the river, for the little creature's first opportunity at swim.
It's all about nature. Scent-marking territory is a major part of every territorial animal's life.
This lioness was surely not expecting such a small creature to become such a big nuisance.
A jeep trip. Trying to keep up with a herd of gazelles.
Three elephants blocking a way, I will have to wait for them to pass.
You can overview, edit, rename some of your best shots in this menu. And also this is a nice life-stopping shot of a frog in the mid-air.
Cliff life. A pack of vultures having a meal.
A vulture approaching an ostrich egg. Don't worry. It won't be able to break it.
A hungry hyena may even attack a creature three times bigger. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Fruit bats. They've been attracted by my 4x4's lights. They pose no threat.
These creatures, however, do.
Every safari photographer's dream. To capture a cheetah on film, at its top speed of 70mph. My personel moment of triumph.
A cheetah casually playing with a big bug. It took me awhile to get this high, in order not to disrupt a cub's little game.
Two ostriches engaged in a courtship dance, each trying to win a favor of a female.
A warthog borrow. A vending machine of the savanna. A vending machine that will leave a bloody mess of your paw, that is.
These two zebras have just finished their courtship ritual and now galloping their way to freedom.
An overview of Ngorongoro crater - an eden for wild life in Africa.
A rhino leaving after its defeat in territorial struggle.
Wildebeests won't break a formation, no matter what. I suddenly felt just like Simba. Thank god, I had my jeep with me, instead of Mufasa.
Some shots you take will surprisingly be used only for dramatic effect.