Safecracker Credits


Original ConceptNigel Papworth
Art DirectorNigel Papworth
Modelling & AnimationLeif Holm, Fredrik Jonsson
Lead ProgramJorgen Isaksson
Additional ProgrammersMarcus Nordenstam, Peter Lundholm
GraphicsUlf Larsson
Sound EffectsErik Phersson
Sound Effects HardwarePeter Holmgren
Project ManagerJan Phersson-Broberg
Hardware SupportJonathan Harding
MusicRob 'n' Raz
Music Co‑ProducerHerb
ProducersRob Letts, Laurence Scotford
System ProducerBen Walker
Product ManagerLiz Morris
Localization ManagerCara McMullan
QA ManagerLiam DelaHunty
Other TestersAlex Bush, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Craig Ledski Leigh, Graham Oxford, Julian Widdows, Kolin Tregaskes, Mark Dearsley, Tim Mawson, Tiziano Riolfo, Markus Sandstrom

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76516)