Saints Row 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
Creating one very beautiful female character.
5 Minutes into the game and already stuff goes boom - best game ever!
Buying some clothes for my little girl.
The story is told through in-game cutscenes. And if you played Saints Row, you should know Johnny.
Driving with a badly damaged Taxi on the wrong lane in the middle of the city -> Bad idea!
Tonight on FOX: The Judge vs. The Girl in Funny Pants
GTA4 has it so Saints Row 2 has it also: a mobile phone to get on your nerves.
The GPS map of the first island.
Your first, yet to be upgraded home
In your face...I mean in your nuts...oh wait...well, who cares anyway. Just die already!
Motorcycles are of course included.
Racing in a police car.
Saints Row 2 isn't for pussies.
He parked in a "No Parking" zone. I swear!
This side-mission is called "Mayhem" - figure out yourself what needs to be done :).
Doing side-missions unlocks new stuff.
One of the many small things to do in the city: Spraypainting.
Slang for "You died, stupid!"
Trying to kill that bastard in "Fine Aim"-mode.
The end of mission report features a newspaper headline about your escapades.
This mission must be completed while you are drugged
An interesting reward after finishing a mission
There is a lot than can be customised with the gang, including what they wear, what cars they drive and their sign
This mission involves shooting enemy gang cars and helicopters, while your friend drives
Trailblazing is a mini game that involves driving around on a quad bike while on fire. There are checkpoints and extra time is gained by killing people and destroying cars.
Chops shops have different car wish lists
Blown away by an explosion
Destroying an enemy drug labs
In da club
That's what a girl should look like when she says "I've got nothing to wear" :)
Mugging a defenseless person for money
Sorry to spoil the party
Ridiculous costume and a stylish gun
Spotted a collectable CD
Everybody's dream - military helicopter
Piloting a UFO
Fast cars use nitro (actually most upgraded cars can do so)
You can get all kinds of special Saints Row vehicles and vessels