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Sanitarium Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Opening screen
Main menu. Note the ominous eyes following you everywhere...
Intro. Max is excited to share his discoveries... but something goes horribly wrong
The game begins in the asylum
Inside a tower, still in the first (introductory) chapter
Chapter 2 is the highlight of horror. You are standing in front of this sweet-looking elementary school...
...only to have a conversation with deformed children a few minutes later...
Town hall and church
Near the statue in the park
The pumpkin patch
Chapter 3, in the courtyard. Talking to a madman. The dialogues display character portraits
The chapel
Chapter 4 begins with Max's sister appearing at those deceptively cozy and colorful docks
Sad looking circus
Choosing conversation topics
Choosing inventory items
Yes, you can get killed in this game. You'll have to restart from where the segment began
My mother is a ghost?..
Weird perspective - something is very spooky in this sepia recreation of the protagonist's childhood memories...
It rains, it rains... The lonely Max is outside... but where is he?..
Genetic experiments
Interacting with some objects will trigger memories presented as movies
Room interiors are detailed - but the isometric view makes everything look small...
One of the game's mechanical puzzles
Chapter 7 casts Max as a comic book hero. The first thing he has to do is bypass this security...
An interesting fall if I miss the corner
Insects are throwing cyclops into the lava...
Piece by piece, the story of the game is unraveled through such cutscenes
I'm alive!
How demented am I?
A graveyard shift?
Animation in progress: Max breaks a wall
One of the later chapters puts you in the role of a mighty Mesoamerican deity
Massacred warriors, Jaguar temples... oh my...
Talking to the spirits of fallen warriors. Lots of dialogue topics here
The fearsome deity is getting electrocuted by purple energy in this maze...
Nearing the end of the game. In this most bizarre place, visual characteristics of all the previous stages are combined
Do you like clowns?
You can choose between those three incarnations of Max in the final chapter
A meeting in a dark place...