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Sanity: Aiken's Artifact Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
A lightning bolt strikes.
Heavy damage
Two identical opponents
Notice the purple hands breaking through the floor.
Fan of Blades attack
Psionic Push
As is tradition with Lithtech games, Sanity's cut scenes and cinematics are all rendered with the in game engine.
There are also limited dialogue trees built into the game.
Your controller Frost will periodically call with information. You can also call her for a reminder of what you are trying to do.
Correctly solving this "Soko-Ban" crate pushing problem will earn a new psychic talent card (upper left behind the fence).
You'll have to remember previous story elements when you're forced to compete on the lethal game show "Trivia Insanity".
You develop your powers by collecting talent cards in the eight different psychic "totems".
Talents are hidden in the levels or given as a reward for defeating boss enemies.
When you find a new talent, the "card" is added to your abilities.
There is a multiplayer aspect to Sanity but it is deathmatch only.
When Sanity was new, extra talents for the multiplayer game could be downloaded for free or purchased in "booster packs". Good luck finding any now.
Your first psionic boss battle, against telephone psychic/redneck revolutionary Priscilla Divine.
Cain confronts his evil brother Abel, the world's most powerful psionic who believes psionics should rule over humans (shades of Magneto, anyone?)
Taking a cue from Half-Life, in Sanity Cain often finds himself dealing with a mysterious, sinister government agent with a bizarre speech impediment.
The PETA might not approve, but you're going to have to blow these poor endangered critters to kibbles and bits in order to save the cowering hostage.
Adrian Starr's showgirls try to murder you with playing cards...
Cain must infiltrate a tour group in order to gain access to Aiken's lab. Hint: waving a gun in the air might not be the most subtle way to go about this.
Cain battles Joan Aiken's Brain Circuit which is powered by Priscilla Divine's disembodied brain.
Chatting with Aiken's Artifact AKA Ted the Head, the most hilarious character in the game.
In a level reminescent of Resident Evil, the undead take over the city and its up to Cain and the DNPC to stop the zombie madness.
Playing as Bobby the kid in a psionic battle against Abel.
In the depths of the Meat Factory Cain battles the villainous mastermind Golgotham and his meat-cleaver wielding zombie cows (or Butcher Bulls, if you will)
Golgotham appears for an encore performance. What other game pits you in a boss battle against a 50 foot meat monster?
An explosive psionic duel between Cain and Abel
Solving platformer puzzles as Bobby.
Cops try to bring down a zombified butcher cow with little success.
Trying out new talents in the training room.
Using your talents to solve box-pushing puzzles.
You'll have to face your brother Abel in combat several times before he's gone for good.
Fighting Golgotham's minions.
The levitate talent is used to cross chasms and other obstacles.
Gaining a talent gives Cain a power surge.
When all powers fail... you still have your trusty gun at your side.
Taking a break for a musical interlude.