Santageddon Credits (Windows)

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Santageddon Credits


ProgrammingPetteri Kamppuri, Teemu Ojala, Johannes Päivinen, Mika Vehkala
3D Modeling and TexturesAndrew Mesniakin, Mare Ollinkari, Juha Raulo, Veli-Antti Rautiola
2D GraphicsIlmari Hakkola
Technical Project ManagerMarkus Råmark
Game DesignHarri Honkala
Game ConceptJohn Hakalax, Jan Wellmann
Executive ProducersJan Wellmann, John Hakalax, Kare Hellen
Line Producer / Production AssistantMikko Airto
Music and Sound Effects DesignErik Lydén
Database and SMS ProgrammingJani Lahti
Storyboard ArtistHarri Honkala

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