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MMOhut (2008)
Savage 2 is a magnificent MMO title, and one that I would happily recommend to any gamer. It’s fast paced, furious, and gorgeous – and by combining elements from more than one genre, it’s accessible to a wide audience of players. This is a game that redefines fun, and doesn’t require twelve months of your life to experience it.
Out Of Eight (Feb 01, 2008)
The specific classes require good teamwork in order to be successful. The online stat tracking (including replays of every game ever) and in-game experience model infuses some role-playing into Savage 2. Savage 2 reduces stalemating through finite gold supplies and increased respawn times for losing teams. When players are working together, the gameplay parts of Savage 2 assemble nicely to produce an exciting gameplay experience. Savage 2 is simply different and refreshing, something that sets it apart from more conventional games like Call of Duty 4. Savage 2 feels like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars: a couple of innovations makes for an interesting game, though I would say Savage 2 is a bit more original. There are a couple of problems with the game that keep it from earning a perfect score: occasional but annoying lag and the lack of a manual. Still, Savage 2 is certainly worth a download and it is a great effort from an independent developer at a cheap price.
AusGamers (Mar 07, 2008)
All said, Savage 2 is a worthy purchase for anyone looking for something extra or different in an online shooter. The steep learning curve is a bit of a hindrance but rewarding once you get everything down. The game has features you'd expect from a big budget title, with the community spirit and developer support usually only found in the modding scene. Most importantly it proves that there's still room for truly independent game development in the online multiplayer space.
IGN (Feb 07, 2008)
Ultimately, we feel that Savage 2 is an enjoyable game that offers a satisfying alternative to the genre-bound tunnel vision of most other games. In combining the team-based action of games like Tribes and Battlefield with an original fantasy setting and a ground-level RTS mechanic, they've come up with something that's unlike anything else on the market right now...except the original Savage, of course. If you're looking for something different and don't mind hanging your fate on the skills and abilities of your fellow online gamers, then you'll find plenty of rewards in Savage 2.
Game Positive (Mar 03, 2008)
As a whole, Savage 2 follows very closely to the formula laid out by the original title. For those who've never played that game, you probably won't even notice, but it also means that such unfamiliarity can lead to some frustration. Past this lack of a tutorial though, the game still features one of the richest action/strategy components ever created. And despite the overall lack of players, those who enjoy both a challenge and strategic teamplay will find a lot to like in Savage 2.
Jolt (UK) (Feb 27, 2008)
Predictably Savage 2 has its detractors as well as its supporters, but there’s no denying that there’s absolutely no other game series out there that does what it does. If there’s anything that the sequel should have done better than the original, it’s shake the unnecessarily niche appeal it has – unnecessary because a well designed and comprehensive tutorial would have smashed that super-steep learning curve. But then, perhaps that makes the aforementioned 5 hour trial all the more beneficial, and that is something we can heartily recommend everyone give a go.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Feb 26, 2008)
Het kost wat tijd en moeite, maar je krijgt er wel unieke gameplay met veel diepgang voor in de plaats.
Vgames (May 26, 2008)

למרות מגרעותיו, סאווג' 2 הוא משחק כייפי ואפילו ממכר. המשחקיות שלו נדירה למדי בז'אנר, לווה מאפיינים מחצי תריסר סוגי משחקים ומחברת אותם בצורה מעניינת וכיפית.

עם קצת כיוונונים והשקעה אני מאמין שהיה אפשר להוציא פה משחק רשת מעולה שיקרוץ לרבים ויחזיק שנים. אך עם כל הבעיות, מה שיש לנו זה משחק נישה שמתאים רק למי שמחפש משחק פעולה קצת אחר, ויש לו הרבה סבלנות וזמן להתמודד עם התקלות.

Gaming Shogun (Feb 01, 2008)
Savage 2 is a fun RTS/Shooter hybrid that manages to combine both aspects into a very cohesive system. The game can be a bit daunting to new players though and with so much going on, even experienced gamers can feel overwhelmed sometimes.
GameDaily (Jan 28, 2008)
Although Savage 2 still has a few bugs to work out, including the fact that the game crashed on us multiple times, gamers get a ton out of the $29.99 asking price, especially since it comes with free online play. The graphics are on par with the mainstream action games, We would have liked to see one or two more game modes besides the two sides going at it until all buildings are destroyed, but it doesn't take away from Savage 2 being an excellent action game.
Savage 2 is an action-packed multiplayer game that brings the three big genres together in an effective and fun way. It builds upon its predecessor with all new features while holding true to its overall feel and excitement. And, while it isn't a next-generation title, the game will provide all the exciting gameplay, depth of strategy, and replay value that gamers expect in today's multiplayer-only titles.
75 (Jan 27, 2009)
Plus abouti et plus équilibré que son prédécesseur, Savage 2 en corrige les principaux défauts tout en s'enrichissant de nouvelles fonctionnalités : l'apparition judicieuse des officiers, l'arrivée des unités Hellbourne qui mettent du sel dans les parties et l'accentuation convaincante de l'aspect jeu de rôle font de cette suite une vraie réussite. Hélas, il subsiste encore quelques points noirs qui la privent des plus hautes marches du podium : les combats de mêlée toujours trop confus et la fastidieuse phase d'apprentissage qui s'accomplit dans la douleur sont susceptibles de rebuter certains joueurs. Pourtant, vu la gratuité de ce sympathique titre multijoueur, on aurait tort de bouder son plaisir.
75 (Jan 28, 2008)
Savage 2 is something of an anomaly in the current lineup of PC games, borrowing elements from Natural Selection, Planetside, Hellgate: London and others. Whether you’re a RTS fan, a FPS junkie, or you’re looking for the next great competitive action RPG, you’ll find something to like in Savage 2.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb 27, 2008)
Reine Strategiespiele fesseln mich nur für eine gewisse Zeit, danach fehlt mir einfach das Mittendrin-Gefühl. Wenn ich in Savage 2 genug vom Kommando-Sessel habe, dann springe ich einfach selbst ins Getümmel. Und das kann sich dank der tollen Effekte wirklich sehen lassen. Mich stört allerdings, dass ich zunächst alle Fertigkeiten lernen muss, bevor ich loslegen kann. Bis man endlich den Durchblick hat, vergeht doch eine ganze Weile.
Game Tunnel (Apr 04, 2008)
Jack of all trades, master of none, though oft' times better than master of one. Savage 2 certainly fits the bill. Blending elements of FPS, RTS, and online RPG, the game truly spans the spectrum. Unfortunately, this lack of specialization prevents Savage 2 from achieving perfection and truly standing out among other online only titles.
1UP (Mar 24, 2008)
Leave it to a team of 11 developers to succeed so resoundingly where behemoths have failed. Savage 2 isn't perfect -- squads are semirandomized smatterings of players unable to communicate or coordinate fluidly as of this writing, and the game can be overwhelming to new players -- but its ambition is matched only by the amount of fun you'll have playing.
Absolute Games ( (Aug 20, 2008)
Создатели Savage 2 исправили уйму мелких недочетов оригинала, но ускакавших далеко вперед конкурентов уже не догнать. Чтобы понять это, необязательно раскошеливаться, — S2 Games распространяет свое творение по условно-бесплатной модели, т.е. первые 5 часов даром. Подольше тут задержатся немногие.