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atari adventure
Written by  :  Steve Louise (4)
Written on  :  Jul 10, 2022
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Still alive and kickin'!

The Good

How dynamic + strategic the game is. There is a lot of potential from game-to-game for unique strategies and the game does not get stale because the players are different each time. Each player's ideas and ability to work together will contribute to the composition of a team's strategy. I have never played a game with this much collaborative strategy before and since Savage 2.

The Bad

Lack of Support from the publisher.

The Bottom Line

We are keeping this game alive by scheduling regular games every Saturday. Last week we had 23 users playing on Saturday. The game is alive, and organized because we still want to play it.
Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is a team game where we work together to defeat the other team using mostly melee combat. The learning curve is a soft slope. You can improve yourself by learning more and more, but you can also jump in and just figure it out. Seriously.
Get in there and swing your swords, you'll figure out how the combat works. When you're ready you start to learn the abilities for each unit. They all give a small edge.
There are ranged attacks, special attacks like bleed damage or stuns, blinds, binds, all depending on which unit you're playing.
We have fighters, healers, siege, stealth units, builder units. All are versatile depending on your skill and all can offer you a different play-style and your team a different benefit.
Each team has one commander who is viewing the game as an RTS. They can build new tech buildings, defensive towers, and forward outposts. Commanders can cast debuffs on enemies and buffs on their own team's players. Make no mistake, each player is autonomous, but they will follow a good commander.
Each team has several SQUADS of about 3-5 players. Squad-mates can spawn at their officer's portal and they receive bonuses to their health+Stamina+mana when near their officer. Squads will make plays to "Go stealth demo their tech buildings this time" or "Go to mid and defend our base." It adds an interesting laying of strategy to the game.

Each kill gives you a "soul". You can spend the souls you've collected to purchase super Hell units.

atari adventure