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Savior Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Emma is escaping in the prologue to the game.
This corporation has its own soldiers... hmm...
Nel, the heroine of the game, awakens.
Dialogue with Elena is shown as a still CG image.
Here you can read all the conversations again.
This is the map of the current floor. The corporation building is very large.
You can view the game from a third-person perspective...
...or from a first-person one.
They can make artifical life forms, but they STILL use Windows?!!
You have triggered an event by entering a room.
Poor girl, no wonder she is confused!
Here you can replay the sex movies.
View the CG images of the game in the Gallery menu.
Elena and Nel are getting closer in CG image form... well as in a movie.
Underground complex of the company building.
The power room as a CG image...
...and the same room as in-game 3D graphics.
The first encounter between Emma and our heroine can hardly be called friendly...
...but during the second one, there is certainly some progress!
Is this reality or dream?
Nel is exploring the abandoned part of the underground complex.
Nel has some really cute expressions.
This happens if you run around too much, forgetting to recharge.