Saw Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen (in Russian)
Jigsaw Killer appears on the TV frequently (in Russian)
Tapp is trying to remove Reverse Bear Trap
Starting in the Bathroom
Finding another prisoner
Searching for a fuse (in Russian)
Climbing a ladder (in Russian)
Reading the notes scattered around the asylum (in Russian)
Fighting with another foe (in Russian)
Solving "build the pipe" puzzle (in Russian)
There are many unlucky prisoners
Examining the trap
Picking the lock. Make all adjacent figures similar. (in Russian)
Starting to save Amanda
Amanda may be killed if you solve the puzzle incorrectly
Breaking through the wall
Some residents have metal boxes on their heads
Jennings may be dead in this way if you'll not save him
Picking the lock. Stop 4 rotating circles in proper time. (in Russian)
Walking on the board (in Russian)
Flashbacks shows you executions in certain places
Resident of this place is throwing a Molotov's cocktail
Jigsaw Killer's pupil kills another victim
Melissa is trapped and should be saved (in Russian)
Solving "put the brick in the place" puzzle
Encountering a tough opponent
Solving "compose the picture" puzzle
Oswald the reported should be saved
Solving "set power to all lamps" puzzle (in Russian)
Oswald saw the sliders
Obi was set free recently (in Russian)
Throw brick in the pig
Find the combination (in Russian)
Solving "find association" puzzle (in Russian)
Jeff was set free finally
Select your way - "Freedom" or "Truth"
Meeting the 'dark figure'
Obsession leads to suicide
Melissa was made silent (in Russian)
Finding another Jigsaw Killer's doll