Scarface: The World Is Yours Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title with interactive background
Movie fragments are shown during the introduction.
Driving a Ferrari look-a-like.
Some of the reward items laid out in Tony's Mansion.
Running on the streets of Miami... here is Pedro's Pawn Shop.
Driving a boat.
You have achieved Reputation Level 2. 8 levels should be achieved to be real Scarface.
Trying to talk on phone in your residence.
Relaxing in the Babylon Night Club.
Dancing in the Night Club
Not all girls are good.
Such magnetic ass!
Oh'll taste the chainsaw, while I'll collect your drug packages.
The local gang is not friendly with you.
A policeman is beating you.
You've found another Femme Fatale.
Driving on Miami Beach.
Everybody is relaxing in the cafe.
Talking with one of shop owners.
Playing as an assassin.
What a massacre! Who will clean the streets after you?
Finding a partner in your war with Miami syndicate.
You should free this girl for her father.
You may bet on game cocks.
Nacho Contreras is your aim.
Shark is eating Nacho.
"Shoot from helicopter" mission
Swimming in the warm Caribbean waters.
Femme Fatales may give you a surprise in their clothing.
Sosa is leading Miami's syndicate.
You are ready to execute Sheffield.
Sheffield was executed.
Gaspar is trying to escape
Gaspar was executed.
Sosa is trying to threaten you.
Sosa was executed.
Relaxing in the bath.
In front of your mansion
Driving near your Babylon Night Club.
Near Sperm Bank...You may donate your sperm here for money.