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Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The left half of the classroom - Phoebe feeds the class rabbit as she explains about herbivores.
The right side of the classroom: clicking Arnold's model takes the player to a "3D" timeline.
Clicking the flora and fauna will show what was living during that era.
Ms. Frizzle directs the player's attention to an album of last year's pictures.
Surprise! There are pictures missing, and the player must replace them using a few hints.
The Dino license
The player selects a location/time period by clicking the steering wheel.
The class checks in at Triassic Arizona, 220 million years past.
Choose which dinosaur was about the height of a basketball net. Not that one!
On to Triassic Argentina and the dinosaurs there.
Putting this skeleton together brings it to life...
In the Jurassic period, Dorothy Ann calls the Allosaurus the "king of the Jurassic food chain".
Under the sea. The camera at the bottom will take pictures to replace the missing ones.
The Morph-A-Saurus...
...with an unhappy Arnold inside.
A pretty scene during the Cretaceous period
A mini-platform game: choose your dino!
Try to collect all the food before lava strikes.
Keisha compares the way a dinosaur feeds it young to the way a bird does - MSB was ahead of its time!
Each dinosaur makes a sound - arrange them in any order and play.