SchoolMate Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Your progress with the girls. Don't worry, it's just the beginning!
You begin the game with a nice view
The first girl you meet. Press space to clear the text boxes
The girls make some expressive gestures
The choice screen. Whom to seduce, and where?
Bring it on, partner!
Two of them together...
Returning to my room
Sex and cute stuffed animals... this is Japan
The camera closes on the cute face
Girls will change clothes over the time
Good night to you, too!
The most boring part...
Can I get a better view?
Women fight to get you, Casanova!
Love the clothes
Keyboard controls help
And now, let us begin!
A simple action to raise her pleasure meter...
Hover the hand cursor over the breast and move the mouse around
More serious business. Rotate and zoom the camera the way you like
She is just shy
Nice close up. And great physics
You can get some weird angles if you rotate the camera
A beautiful view!
Circular movement, sir!
My room is so bad, it doesn't even have a floor!
I have nothing against red eyes